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Always in motion

Creating meaningful connections

We human beings are always in motion! And ideally, that mobility will be as environmentally-friendly as possible. We understand that better than anyone. Which is why we, as a family business, offer innovative forms of mobility with a combined focus on sustainability, cost reduction and increased satisfaction among your employees. Our mobility solutions are relevant to today's world. From buying a second-hand car online to travelling by bike or taxi, leasing a vehicle or installing a solar energy system on your roof. Our companies can help you further reduce your future CO2 footprint.

Our mission

Innovative mobility for a better future

Our figures



Years of experience

Years of experience AutoBinck was founded in 1907 and has more than 110 years of automotive experience.




The total turnover of AutoBinck amounts to more than 1 billion euros on an annual basis.



Every day 1,500 people within all AutoBinck companies work on your mobility.



A total of 75 operating companies operate within the 4 divisions of AutoBinck.


Active in 31 countries

Our international ambition has so far ensured that we are active in more than 30 countries.


Country offices

AutoBinck now has physical offices in 9 European countries.



Articles & white papers


CO₂ reduction


Sustainability is guiding all our activities

For a better future, sustainability is guiding all of AutoBinck's activities. We are making our existing mobility solutions more sustainable and are constantly expanding our division with companies that are primarily focused on sustainability. By doing business sustainably, we make mobility and energy better for the environment and accessible to everyone.

Our growth through the years

When you've become successful, it's good to know which factors contributed to that success. Learning from your past enables you to prepare even more effectively for the future. Like any company, we therefore know exactly which moments in our history were decisive in terms of our growth. As a result, we have a clear picture of where we came from. And we can show you how we developed into the strong mobility company we are today.

1907 Establishment

Our family business was officially launched when we began selling Mercedes at the AutoPalace in The Hague.

1930 Expansion portfolio

We expanded our portfolio to include the Czech brand ŠKODA. Auto sales would increase significantly in the years that followed!

1950 Relocation to the Binckhorstlaan

The move to the new, modern office on the Binckhorstlaan in The Hague was perfectly aligned to our growth and ambitions in the post-war period.

1969 International brand

Rolf Lauret introduced Mazda in the Netherlands. This was how we got our start as importer of a major international brand.

1980 Big expansion

AutoBinck grew rapidly and our headquarters grew, too. A portion of the harbour was drained to accommodate a major expansion of the building.

1990 Ambition outside the Netherlands

Our ambition led us to expand beyond the Netherlands. The first step was to begin importing Mazda cars into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We then expanded our import and retail activities to include multiple Central European countries. With that, a much larger geographic footprint became a reality for us.

1996 First step in the lease market

With the acquisition of Business Lease, we took our first step in the lease market – an important measure aimed at diversifying our portfolio. Business Lease quickly established branches in a number of Central European countries as well.

1999 Huge boost

The acquisition of the Hyundai importership for the Netherlands provided a massive boost to our car import and retail division. In the years that followed, AutoBinck also gained authorisation to import Hyundai vehicles into various countries in Central Europe.

2000 Parts division

The acquisition of automotive material wholesaler Brezan marked the start of our Parts division and a further diversification of our activities.

2004 Mitsubishi

A new brand was added to our import activities: Mitsubishi, in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

2008 Loss Mazda Importship

To our sorrow, we lost our Mazda importership after 40 successful years when the manufacturer decided to manage their own imports across all of Europe.

2011 Expansion of activities

We expanded our activities to Hungary. We also continued to expand our brand portfolio by obtaining distribution rights for Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover.

2014 New office

After almost sixty years, we exchanged the building on the Binckhorstlaan for a new office at the Forepark in The Hague. This year, Brezan was once again quite active in acquisitions and, in the years that followed, turnover grew to some €300 million annually.

2015 Trend break with the past

A strategic interest in The New Motion represents a break with the past. In search of new forms of mobility, a first investment will also be made in the car sharing platform SnappCar in that year.

2016 New division

In addition to the takeover of mobility card company Radiuz, the first step towards energy followed in that year. We are taking a strategic interest in Self-flow. All our new activities will be bundled in the new Smart Mobility division.

2017 Own start-ups

In addition to various investments, we also set up a number of our own start-ups such as Bynco, Moove and

2018 Go ahead

We acquire Fleet Support, the market leader in Fleet Management. To take over the number 2 in the ROI Fleet market a year later. We are also expanding our interest in Zelfstroom and we are acquiring various wholesalers in car parts from our parts division.

2019 office WTC Utrecht and sales parts division

After a period of solid growth, we decide to sell our Parts division. In that year Business Lease Nederland also enters into a joint venture with Terberg Leasing and together they form the Terberg Business Lease Group. With the move to our new office in the World Trade Center in Utrecht, we also leave The Hague in that year.

2020 Sustainable future

A busy year. We take over XXImo, we join Toogethr and make a first investment in SafeDrivePod. We are also launching AutoBinck Car Trade. We are also splitting the Smart Mobility division into the Mobinck and Ebinck divisions. This enables us to respond even better to a sustainable future with our smart solutions for mobility and energy.

2021 International mobility

We are spreading our wings further with the acquisition of Gloriant in Belgium. A company active in Fleet Management Software with customers in no fewer than 26 countries.


Valuable initiatives

Trends in mobility and energy are changing rapidly. We want to anticipate the latest developments and make optimal use of the opportunities offered by new (electric) mobility. Our Ebinck division consists of companies and associates engaged in innovative mobility solutions and sustainable energy solutions. Valuable initiatives that each make their own contribution to a more mobile and sustainable world.


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