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Ymere plans to equip its fleet with telematics and MooveSharing, the carsharing solution from Moove Connected Mobility.

Greater insight

“With a fleet of approximately 200 vehicles, we’re eager for maximum insight into how those vehicles are being used. For instance: we have pool vehicles that are used by alternating drivers. The accompanying workflow of key management, damage reporting, maintenance and fines requires quite a bit of handling on our part – and needs to become more efficient,” says René Limmen, Facility Services team leader at Ymere. “Thanks to Moove, we have a solution to make this happen.”

Efficient process

“The MooveSharing portal makes it possible to fully automate your fleet management and key transfers,” explains Han Arts, Sales Director at Moove. “Ymere’s drivers can reserve vehicles via the Service Desk, after which they can open those vehicles using the MooveSharing app. This reduces the administrative burden on the Ymere Service Desk and eliminates the need to transfer, issue and collect the keys face-to-face. In case of damage to the vehicle or a soiled interior, drivers can report the matter directly via the app. When they upload photos of the mess or damage, the images appear in the fleet manager’s portal, making it possible to evaluate the problem quickly and immediately schedule an appointment to remedy it.”

Ymere’s pool vehicles are often parked in indoor structures, making it important for the solution to work even when no internet connection is available. Because MooveSharing relies on Bluetooth technology, the system always works – whether you’re above or underground.

Trip registration

In addition to greater insight and an efficient process, Ymere finds it important to know which drivers use a given vehicle and to ensure the trips they make are being registered in keeping with the requirements of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. Moove uses a telematics module to achieve this end. “That Moove has the right tools and state-of-the-art technology, is ISO 27001 certified and has earned the right to bear the Stichting Keurmerk Ritregistratiesystemen seal (a quality mark for trip registration providers) from June were all important motivations for us in choosing Moove as a partner,” according to Limmen.

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