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The Dutch police will switch to new XXImo mobility cards equipped with a secure EMV chip as of June 2021. Police vehicles are in constant motion and require frequent recharging, parking, refueling and cleaning. XXImo's new mobility card provides the police with all of these services from a single provider - with a single card for users and a single online system for administrators.

Together with Visa

Mobility card specialist XXImo has been using Visa technology to process transactions quickly and securely for over 10 years. The new card is used to pay for parking in garages, refueling, toll roads and car washes. Users can use the card to pay for charging electric vehicles as well.

Focus on cost saving

In addition to the card, the accompanying Milo app allows the police to pay for on-street parking. The app also provides insight into all available locations and the current prices of charging, refueling and parking. This enables users to make informed choices that contribute to the desired cost savings.


Patrick Bunnik, CEO of XXImo states, “The police are there for everyone, and XXImo is there also for the police. We are very proud to win this tender and the basis for it is our ten-year partnership with Visa.”

Jos van de Kerkhof, Country Manager Visa Netherlands states, “XXImo has positioned itself as a leader in enterprise card products that genuinely cover all on-the-road costs for fleets like those of the Dutch police, not just conventional fuel transactions. With the growth of electric vehicles and changes in the industry and fleet and mobility management becoming more complex, XXImo’s approach will become increasingly important. That’s why we’ve been working together for ten years.”

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