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Utrecht - Unilever is committed to green and is making the switch to a sustainable mobility policy. The company is fully engaged in developing the workplace of the future, in which a sustainable mobility plan is an important part. The new mobility plan is based on four pillars: sustainability, employee experience, the future of jobs and the workplace and simplicity. To set up and implement the new mobility policy, Unilever entered into a partnership with XXImo after an extensive tender process.

Collaboration XXImo

The XXImo platform gives Unilever the opportunity to set up its mobility policy in order to set up a mobility profile for each employee (group). This profile determines how employees can travel, for what allowance, with which types of mobility options and carriers and at what times. Within these frameworks, employees are given all the freedom of transport. As of 1 November, almost 2,000 employees can manage, register, claim and pay all their commuter traffic completely digitally from one platform. They can put together a tailor-made trip on a daily basis and also claim their trips with their own means of transport.

The virtual mobility card & kilometre records

Via XXImo, employees have access to a wide range of mobility providers. Using a virtual Visa mobility card in the app, they can use shared scooters, shared cars and shared bicycles. They can also travel anywhere in the Netherlands by public transport. In addition, Unilever reimburses actual travel behaviour within the mobility scheme. Sustainable travel options (such as fully electric cars, bicycles and electric shared transport) receive a higher allowance per kilometre than less sustainable options. By doing this, Unilever encourages and rewards sustainable travel behaviour. With the extensive access to sustainable transport options in combination with the kilometre records, Unilever and XXImo optimally fulfil the four pillars of the new mobility policy: a reward for sustainable travel, high (travel) convenience and flexibility for employees, simplicity and ready for the future.

Charlotte Potman, Industrial Relations Manager at Unilever: ‘Over the past year, a lot has changed in how we look at work and travel. Until recently, Unilever’s mobility plans revolved around a five-day working week in one location. That is no longer realistic. The results of various employee surveys also showed that people would be very happy with a more flexible mobility plan. To actually put our ambitions into practice, we have found the right partner in XXImo. Now we can arrange everything related to mobility with one platform, both for the employee and for Unilever itself.


Patrick Bunnik, CEO at XXImo: ‘The mobility issue of companies is becoming increasingly complex. That’s why we make the answer simple with a solution that matches almost every mobility ambition. The XXImo platform, the Milo app and the Visa network form the safe ecosystem for every travel movement. With this new mobility plan Unilever shows that it is very progressive in the field of business mobility and the future of work. I’m extremely proud to be able to contribute to this with XXImo.’

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