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Shell TapUp fills up the tanks of vehicles belonging to larger fleet owners at the owners’ locations, allowing fleet vehicles to avoid driving unnecessary kilometres and ensuring the fleets have convenient access to alternative fuels. Comprehensive service is provided to all of Shell TapUp's clients by means of efficient routes throughout the Netherlands. The use of telematics makes it possible to manage Shell TapUp's own fleet simply and conveniently. As a result, the fleet can be deployed safely while making maximum use of its capacity. This in turn contributes to efforts to reduce CO2, which is the company's key mission.

Shell TapUp is a corporate start-up aimed at finding ways to accelerate the energy transition. What began with a handful of people and a dream has expanded into a driven team of over 30 highly dedicated employees.

More effective fleet management

When it comes to the management of its own fleet, Shell TapUp has chosen to partner with telematics provider Moove. Milena Grul, who is responsible for Marketing and Strategy at Shell TapUp, says: “The partnership with Moove enables us to manage our own fleet even more effectively. We strive for maximum efficiency in our own vehicle use as well, whether it’s the chosen route, fuel consumption, idling or encouraging good driving behaviour. The data Moove provides gives us an overall picture of how our fleet is being used. Their company is a good match for ours in terms of identity, too. We share the same drive to innovate and desire to provide clients with comprehensive service, as well as a strong hands-on mentality.”

Additional insight

Han Arts from Moove is pleased with the partnership as well. He sees new opportunities emerging: “Not only can we provide Shell TapUp with additional insight and control with regard to their own fleet, but we’ll also be working together to develop new propositions. And because we focus on a similar target group – major European fleet owners – we complement one another and can work together to advance our mutual interests.” Arts explains: “To give an example: Moove records the fuel levels of vehicles in connected fleets and delivers this data to Shell TapUp. This allows the Shell TapUp delivery driver to know in advance exactly which of their clients’ vehicles need filling up, what type of fuel they need and where the vehicles are parked. That insight makes planning a great deal easier.”

About Moove Connected Mobility

Moove is an expert in the field of automotive telematics and carsharing. In cooperation with Geotab, Moove connects vehicles to the internet and facilitates access to a wide range of relevant data. Moove currently operates in twenty countries and has over 10,000 connected vehicles.

About AutoBinck Group

AutoBinck Group began as a family business and has grown into a leading player in the mobility market with many-faceted ventures that focus on the mobility of tomorrow. The company generates around €1B in revenue, operates in eight European countries and has over 1,600 employees. In 2019, AutoBinck founded Mobinck: a division focused specifically on innovating mobility. Mobinck’s goal is to simplify the world of mobility for both employer and employee.

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