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Randstad EU-flex has equipped its vehicles with telematics and the carsharing solution from Moove Connected Mobility. The goal is to reduce the burden of operational tasks and increase efficiency.

High-maintenance fleet

“Our vehicle fleet consists of approximately 750 cars that are used by around 2,500 flex workers. This presents an operational challenge. A large number of rotating drivers, damage, maintenance and traffic fines make managing the fleet a very time-consuming process. We had been looking for a solution to this problem,” says Andrea Berendse, Project Manager at Randstad EU-flex.

Efficient process

“The MooveSharing platform makes it possible to fully automate the fleet management and key transfers,” explains Han Arts, Sales Director at Moove Connected Mobility. “Now, the fleet manager and the planners at Randstad EU-flex can assign vehicles to the flex workers themselves, after which each driver can use the MooveSharing app to open the door of their vehicle. The driver also approves the rental agreement digitally in the app. Drivers can report damage to the vehicle or a soiled interior directly via the app as well. Photos of the mess or damage are uploaded and then appear in the fleet manager’s portal, making it possible to evaluate the problem quickly and immediately schedule an appointment to remedy it.”

Safety on the road

“Our employees are important, which is why we chose an approach that combines MooveSharing and telematics. MooveSharing provides extensive ease of use, while telematics enables us to create a safe environment on the road. By deploying telematics, team managers gain insight into seatbelt usage and driving behaviour, so that we can prevent unsafe situations. What’s more, in the event of a collision, the fleet manager will receive an automatic, real-time notification of the location, the driver, the impact and the circumstances of the collision,” according to Andrea Berendse.


“Our approach makes it possible to lower the operational costs of a vehicle fleet by over 50%,” Arts says. “Team managers no longer have to arrange vehicle hand-offs at the location, or update the corresponding dossiers by hand. Rotation of the driver and registration will take place entirely digitally. The system also ensures 100% certainty in verifying the driver’s identity in connection with a traffic fine or damage. Drivers themselves rate the app as an 8 out of 10. Now that the MooveSharing app is available not only in English but in Spanish, Polish and Romanian as well, this satisfaction will only increase.”

About Moove Connected Mobility

Moove is an expert in the field of automotive telematics and carsharing. In cooperation with Geotab, Moove connects vehicles to the internet and facilitates access to a wide range of relevant data. Moove currently operates in twenty countries and has over 10,000 connected vehicles. Moove is part of Mobinck.

About Mobinck

Radiuz, Moove, Toogethr, Fleet Support and XXImo together make up Mobinck, the company that brings together innovative and flexible forms of mobility and is part of AutoBinck Group. AutoBinck is a 113-year-old, healthy family business with a turnover of 1 billion euros and 1,600 employees that has been successfully providing mobility services since 1907. More informatie: or

About Randstad EU-flex

EU-flex is part of the Randstad Group Netherlands and specialises in the recruitment and selection of flex workers from a variety of European countries, including Poland, Spain and Romania. These migrant workers temporarily live and work in the Netherlands, where they carry out tasks for Randstad’s clients. The company focuses primarily on the logistical, food and manufacturing sectors. Each and every day, some 2,500 flex workers go to work via EU-flex.

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