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Radiuz and XXlmo will merge and continue operations under the XXlmo brand name. The Radiuz brand name will be discontinued in the near future. XXlmo operates in the Benelux region, Germany and France and has ambitions for major international growth and wants to become the European market leader in planning, secure contact-free payment and fully-digitised administrative processing with regard to corporate mobility.

The new XXlmo gives employers all the digital tools they need to design an attractive and sustainable mobility policy for their businesses – from multiple forms of mobility budgets, cafeteria plans and expense declaration processing to working from home allowances.

Individually, Radiuz and XXlmo each have over a decade’s experience in providing mobility solutions for employers and their employees. In the summer of 2020, XXlmo was acquired by AutoBinck Group, which is also the full owner of Radiuz. Not long after, Patrick Bunnik was offered the dual position of CEO for both XXlmo and Radiuz.

Last December, following extensive analysis, Radiuz and XXlmo announced their intention to combine their strengths. Now, with this merger, the time for concrete steps toward a joint future has arrived. CEO Patrick Bunnik: “We are currently integrating the two platforms and their services, and in doing so, we are using the best of both worlds. From XXlmo, we are gaining the innovative and secure Visa possibilities to easily access and pay for all mobility in Europe. At the same time, the intelligent management portal provided by Radiuz enables employers to maintain comprehensive control of their mobility policy, while also giving employees freedom of choice. We are therefore extremely confident as we face the future today, ready to continue under the XXlmo brand name.”

Michel Cornelissen, Executive Board member and CFO of AutoBinck Group, adds: “COVID-19 has proven to be a catalyst for accelerating change. The new reality of corporate mobility is characterised primarily by its flexibility, sustainability, personalised approach, digital nature and ease of use. At AutoBinck, we have invested heavily in these areas in recent years. We fully endorse the new XXlmo strategy and will support the team to the best of our abilities.”

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