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Vital employees are crucial to the success of your business. But how do you increase vitality in the workplace? And what role does mobility play in this?

Energetic employees are crucial to the success of your company. They increase productivity, are sick less often and often go the extra mile when necessary. It is therefore not surprising that vitality is becoming an increasingly important part of organizational policy. In this blog we tell you how you can increase vitality among employees. And how mobility can play a role in this.

Workplace vitality starts with awareness

When companies put vitality on the agenda to increase the physical and mental condition of their employees, they often forget an important first step in that process. Namely, making employees aware of how vital they are themselves and that they understand what vitality will bring them (in the long term). Awareness is created by actively involving employees in your strategy and initiatives to promote vitality. By drawing up a strategic plan and associated vitality goals, coupled with targeted actions to implement vitality in the workplace, you increase your chances of getting your employees on board on this theme.

How to increase vitality in the workplace?

Healthy employees need motivation, relaxation, sufficient exercise, a healthy diet and a good work-life balance to keep working with energy in the long term. As an employer, you have various options to increase the vitality of employees.

Promoting physical condition

An ergonomic workplace is a must to keep employees vital. As an employer, you are responsible for setting up a (home) workplace that meets the applicable health and safety standards. Make sure you have the option to work standing up. And encourage employees to take short breaks and use lunch for a walk so that they get the necessary exercise, especially if they have a sedentary job. Healthy food in the office naturally also ensures more vitality among employees.

Mental health

Recognizing your employees' stress and its causes is an important part of vitality. By talking to them about what they are up against, both business and private, you may be able to remove some irritation or offer solutions that reduce the workload. And they get more energy to get started. Promoting contact between colleagues increases social cohesion and contributes to increasing vitality.

Actively stimulate vitality

Try to draw more attention to the theme of vitality in a fun way. For example, by linking incentives to participation in activities that increase vitality. Or by asking employees to share their 'vitality story' on the website or in the newsletter, so that other colleagues also become enthusiastic about the initiatives that you take as an employer.

More vital employees through alternative forms of mobility

Vitality and mobility are inseparable. If, as an employer, you are able to offer suitable alternatives to the car, this will result in less congestion stress, more relaxation and usually a healthier, more sustainable way of traveling. The advent of the e-bike, for example, offers employers the opportunity to encourage cycling among a larger group of employees. By linking financial benefits to its purchase, you can make bike use interesting. Knowing what mobility needs your employees have and matching your mobility offer to those needs is a powerful tool to increase vitality among employees.

Mobinck supports a vital mobility policy

Mobinck supports employers in developing a suitable mobility plan. Mobility 360˚ leads to a result-oriented and substantiated action plan for creating support and optimizing the mobility offer. The roadmap contains concrete follow-up actions to adapt the mobility policy to the needs of employers and employees. Vitality plays an important role in this. A combination of quick wins and mobility solutions that can be implemented immediately for a sustainable, long-term mobility policy.

Read more about our approach or download our e-book and discover how your mobility policy can increase the vitality of your employees (in Dutch).

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