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The use of cars and car sharing is on the increase, a home office is reality, meeting with colleagues in a hub is commonplace, and work and personal lives increasingly converge. The world is your workplace, and responsible mobility is now the norm. Mobinck and XXImo have now reached an acquisition agreement to further enable responsible mobility nationally and internationally.

Strong together

The acquisition makes Mobinck the mother company of two pioneers in flexible busines mobility. One of these is Radiuz, the mobility platform that enables employers to design a flexible and simple mobility policy. With its Visa payment platform, XXImo is strong in generating and handling European business travel payment transactions. The XXImo and Radiuz services complement each other perfectly. ‘It’s a powerful combination’, stated Harry de Haas, CEO Mobinck. ‘This acquisition brings an essential part of our mobility ecosystem in house, enabling us to help our customers to design their mobility in a simple and flexible way.’ Patrick Bunnik, CEO of XXImo, added: ‘There have been more changes in mobility over the past 3 years than in the 10 years prior to that. Technology and international cooperation are key, with consolidation, scaling up and collaboration in smart teams an absolute must for companies that aim to continue as major player.’

  • ""Our platform ensures that employees are given fast access to whatever form of mobility they’re seeking and that employers don’t need to worry about administrative processing""

Access to mobility and manageability for employers

XXImo is to become part of Mobinck; a company that, in addition to XXImo, comprises mobility companies Radiuz, Moove, Toogethr and Fleet Support. ‘Mobinck combines innovative and flexible forms of mobility for employers and employees. It develops integrated total solutions for employers in the Netherlands. Everything is facilitated by one provider, with one monthly VAT invoice. Cost efficient and sustainable with increased employee satisfaction’, stated Harry de Haas. The need for mobility flexibility has increased in this era of restricted public transport use. Mobinck offers alternatives, enabling employers to offer freedom of choice in mobility in a manageable way. ‘A shared bicycle or scooter, smart parking, ridesharing with a colleague, public transport, a car or shared car or taxi? Our platform ensures that employees are given fast access to whatever form of mobility they’re seeking and that employers don’t need to worry about administrative processing’, explained De Haas.

Flexibility in mobility

Mobinck is developing an ecosystem with its companies. Flexibility is even more important now that a new mobility is a necessity. The Mobinck platform is in continuous development, can be accessed by both employers and employees, enables all new forms of mobility to be added quickly and offers a well-organised payment system. Based on real time data, the system creates valuable insights for employers and employees, enabling the safe, cost aware and efficient use of mobility. ‘We have high ambitions and in XXImo, we have a fantastic, powerful partner’, stated De Haas.

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