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Fleet Support and EY are extending their successful partnership in fleet management and mobility for at least three years. The contract extension is a direct result of a Fleet Management tender issued by EY. In Fleet Support, EY once again found the perfect partner to realise all its ambitious mobility goals.

Objective of EY

The objective of the international accounting and consultancy organisation EY for the coming years is clear: to cost-consciously optimise mobility management. Through a Fleet Management tender, that partner was found in a partner trusted by EY: Fleet Support – part of Mobinck, the Smart Mobility division of the AutoBinck Group. Fleet Support assists EY for at least three years in the day-to-day fleet & mobility management process and around its strategic decisions surrounding sustainability.

Jaap van Daalen, Commercial Director Fleet Support: “We are delighted to continue our collaboration and, with our team, keep EY employees mobile. Not only as a daily point of contact for drivers, but also as a critical partner in terms of procurement, lease rates and on the road to sustainable mobility”.

Partnership since 2011

Fleet Support has been supporting EY at the operational, tactical and strategic level since 2011. At the operational level, EY receives support from Fleet Support in the car selection and procurement process, among others. At tactical and strategic level, Fleet Support advises on the most effective and efficient ways of working within EY's mobility policy, towards fully sustainable mobility.

Extensive support

The collaboration between Fleet Support and EY goes even further, as Fleet Support also checks all of the leasing company’s invoiced costs for accuracy and legitimacy. Fleet Support consolidates this data and offers it ready-made to EY for the purpose of financial accounting. Fleet Support also assists in the procurement process. In particular by using the Lease Rate Monitor and the batchwise purchasing methodology developed together with EY, EY realises a competitive purchasing price level. This close and successful collaboration between EY and Fleet Support will now continue for at least another three years.

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