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Following extensive market research, EIFFEL has chosen Fleet Support to be its mobility partner. The EIFFEL vehicle fleet – over 600 cars – and the management of their approximately 200 mobility passes will be fully outsourced to Fleet Support.

Service and sustainability

By now, they’re a familiar sight: the eye-catching red EIFFEL cars with the logo sticker on the back. Those cars have become a fixture in the urban landscape and a vital calling card for EIFFEL. Niels Schmitz, Mobility project leader at EIFFEL: “We expect to achieve strong growth in the coming years, meaning the number of EIFFEL cars on the road will only increase. This presents an opportunity to step up our service by offering greater flexibility and bespoke solutions. Sustainability will play a role here as well. If you ask us, a successful business model is a sustainable business model: we are constantly exploring ways to make a positive contribution to the world around us. Reducing the CO2 emissions of the vehicle fleet is an important goal – and electrification can help us achieve it. Our vehicle fleet is already 60% electric and we certainly aren’t finished yet.”

A good neighbour

Motivated by a desire to enhance its service and flexibility, EIFFEL set out in search of an optimum form of mobility for the future. The search included conducting a detailed survey among employees. Ultimately, a partnership with Fleet Support turned out to be the best fit. “It’s amazing that, in addition to being a good neighbour, EIFFEL is now our client as well,” says Youri van Gogh, Key Account manager at Fleet Support. Van Gogh took part in the first introductory meetings with Niels Schmitz late last year. These pleasant conversations ultimately yielded an exciting new client relationship.

The next level

Fleet Support intends to take EIFFEL’s mobility to the next level by means of products and services that are (even) better aligned to employees’ wishes and are organised more efficiently and effectively. Youri van Gogh: “Thanks to an advanced fleet management system, our extensive team of specialists and the use of XPOfleet’s software*, we are able to manage all relevant suppliers in a highly efficient way, while also providing EIFFEL with sharply insightful recommendations and flexible, sustainable mobility. Ultimately, this will help enhance job enjoyment among EIFFEL’s employees – and therefore promote the value creation that is one of EIFFEL’s top priorities.”

  • Fleet Support recently acquired the Belgian Gloriant bv, an expert in fleet management software and outsourcing. Gloriant’s XPOfleet delivers fleet management software options (including cloud-based solutions) that enable businesses to efficiently manage their own vehicle fleets and other mobility services.
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