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Fleet and mobility specialist Fleet Support is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. On Friday, AutoBinck Group CEO Paul Zekhuis marked this very special milestone by presenting the first copy of the Mobility Book to the President of the Mobility Alliance, Steven van Eijk.

A new chapter

Jaap van Daalen (Commercial Director of Fleet Support): “Rather than an overview of what's behind us, this anniversary book is a glimpse of what's still to come. We want to invite readers to join us in the rapidly-changing world of mobility. Increasing sustainability, electrification, the flexibilisation of mobility: it's all in there. In other words, this is a new and exciting chapter for Fleet Support. Based on current developments, mobility expert Professor Maarten Steinbuch opens the book with his inspiring vision for the future, followed by 14 CEOs/CFOs/CHROs from leading organisations. These notables talk about what mobility means to their organisations and their people, about the dilemmas they encounter and about their ideas on what the future of mobility should be.”


All those factors make this book a true “must-read” in the area of fleet and mobility, as well as a source of inspiration – particularly for board members and C-suite managers who deal with these issues in a professional capacity. Eugène Krabbenborg (General Manager of Fleet Support): “Mobility-related policy is becoming more and more complex every day. It's great to see how each of our clients is putting their own unique and innovative spin on it.” Jaap van Daalen adds: “We'll be sending copies of the Mobility Book to all our clients, of course, and we also have a small number of copies available for those with serious interest.”

Photo caption:
(From left to right:) Jaap van Daalen (Commercial Director of Fleet Support), Steven van Eijck (President of the Mobility Alliance) and Paul Zekhuis (CEO of AutoBinck Group).

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