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What can you do when you're trapped in lockdown for weeks on end, alone or with your family, but you've decided this is the right time to buy a used car? You'd naturally prefer to avoid a busy showroom, for fear of any unwanted encounters. And so you decide to buy a vehicle online, eliminating any risk to yourself. This was the conclusion of Bynco, the largest online seller of second-hand vehicles in the Netherlands.

Drastic increase in online purchases via

At, not only can you choose a second-hand car online, you can buy it online as well. That means there’s no need to visit a showroom where the salesperson will ask you to wash your hands before entering. Bynco is seeing this convenience pay off in its sales figures. While the Netherlands was in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bynco’s daily order intake increased by no less than 30% as compared to the months before the crisis began. “While in April, we could tell that the uncertainty was causing consumers to be wary of large purchases, in May, consumer confidence made a full recovery. That yielded another fantastic month for us in terms of sales. We sold more cars in the first five months of this year than in all twelve months of 2019,” says Mark Boekraad, Online Manager at Bynco.

Website visits up 30%

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers are avoiding places where large numbers of people congregate. This is clearly reflected in our numbers as well,” says Boekraad. “The data on visits to our site shows that consumer interest in purchasing a second-hand vehicle online has increased substantially. The number of visitors to our website has gone up 30% during the coronavirus lockdown.”

During a pandemic, consumers choose safety and convenience

“While measures to limit the spread of the virus have been relaxed, many consumers are still reluctant to visit a physical showroom. Thanks to the new social-distancing society, this just might become a permanent state of affairs. But when you buy a second-hand vehicle online, you don’t have to worry about the risks of infection,” Boekraad says, explaining the growing popularity of Bynco. “More and more consumers are discovering the advantages of buying a used car online through Bynco, such as the easy order process, the 14-day test drive period and the warranty of at least 180 days. Plus, of course, the fact that the vehicle is delivered to your home, freshly cleaned and everything. In short: you can buy the car without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.”

More choices online

The car dealers affiliated with Bynco are seeing a decrease in visits to their showrooms. “We are supporting our dealers with a special ‘Buy’ button on their website, which we have developed for them specifically for the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to Boekraad. “Through the ‘Buy’ button, we make it possible for the car dealer’s customers to buy the car entirely online via the Bynco online shop. In doing so, we not only help the dealers but also increase the number of cars available to our customers. It’s a real win-win situation,” Boekraad says. “Which makes sense, as it requires cooperation. If you have an automotive company and are interested in our ‘Buy’ button, please get in touch with us.”

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