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Car dealership Noteboom Barendrecht has taken over the activities of Hyundai Van Trigt Zuidland as of 1 January 2020. With the takeover, Noteboom is consolidating its position in the region.

“If you want to stay successful, size is becoming increasingly important,” says Arie Hartog, managing director of Noteboom. “We have therefore made a conscious choice to expand. Our goal with the takeover is to reinforce our presence in the Rotterdam-South region, in line with our growth ambitions. This acquisition is a logical choice for us, especially since our visions are so closely aligned. Customer satisfaction and affinity with the region are important spearheads for both companies. In addition, the geographical areas fit seamlessly together”.

“I look forward to the takeover with full confidence,” says Atie van Loon, director and owner of Hyundai Van Trigt. “Our choice to become part of Noteboom guarantees the continuity of our high-quality service for our customers and our staff”.

Hyundai has a product line that is very much future oriented and the brand is investing in new technology. In fact, Hyundai is the only car brand worldwide to supply all eco-friendly powertrains, which allows customers to make a well-considered mobility choice that suits their needs. The brand is a frontrunner in battery- and hydrogen-powered electric models – such as the Hyundai KONA, IONIQ and NEXO – and sets the tone with its fuel-efficient (plug-in) hybrid models.

“We want to introduce our customers to the extensive range of these electric models and show them the advantages of (semi-)electric driving. Doing this from two locations is definitely something we’re looking forward to,” says Hartog.

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