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The new lockdown is in effect. It comes as a hard blow to automotive companies in the Netherlands. Luckily, is standing by to fully connect these businesses to its online platform within 24 hours.

Services in transition

Many businesses – take restaurants, for example – have had no choice but to undertake a transition in their services, practically overnight. Going from a dine-in restaurant to selling take-away and DIY meal kits is a major shift. For automotive companies too, this is the second time they find themselves facing a lockdown. The need to tap into additional online sales channels is becoming increasingly urgent. “Many companies are struggling with the specific e-commerce activities. These are labour-intensive and can be technically complex, particularly because e-commerce is not their core business. Legislation and regulations, facilitating secure payments and maintaining certifications like the Thuiswinkel Waarborg quality mark – but especially making your customer service available nearly 24/7 for answering questions before or during the order process – place large demands on your organisation. On top of which, the need to keep selling is greater than ever right now and online sales are really the only way to do that,” says Jeroen Veldman, founder of Bynco.

‘Click-to-purchase’ button now possible on your own website

“As the market leader in online sales, Bynco is able to reach consumers nationwide. But at the same time, we also understand that automotive companies want to utilise their local presence when it comes to online sales. That’s why, during the first lockdown, we developed the ‘click-to-purchase’ button for use on our partners’ websites. We provide this button free of charge so that – with assistance and services from Bynco – partners can offer visitors to their websites the option to buy a second-hand car online. In this way, we are seamlessly connecting online sales at the national and local levels,” says Mark Boekraad, e-Commerce Manager at Bynco.

Sell a second-hand car online in no time

Bynco stands for “Buy Your Next Car Online” and is a platform that helps automotive companies and leasing companies to sell their vehicles online. These parties can quickly be connected to the e-commerce platform – and thanks to the “no cure, no pay” solution, the connection requires no investment on their part. “These companies also benefit from the fact that we are set up entirely as an e-commerce specialist, our process is effectively designed and we have strong visibility online. We employ a proven marketing approach and have many satisfied customers, who give us an average rating of 9.4,” according to Jeroen Veldman.

Bynco currently helps more than 50 partners sell their vehicles online. If you would you like to know more about Bynco’s services, please do not hesitate to contact them.
For more information, call 030-207 42 20 or visit

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