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AutoBinck Group has become the full owner of SnappCar, the largest car sharing platform in the Netherlands. This changes ownership from hundreds of shareholders to one. In addition, SnappCar founder Victor van Tol returns as CEO.

In the past four years, the use of a shared car via SnappCar has doubled. AutoBinck is committed to further growth and has been a shareholder since 2015.

SnappCar CEO Victor van Tol: “In the near future, our focus will be on making car sharing even more accessible. An example of this is our collaboration with the municipality of Utrecht. There are now permanent parking spaces for our shared cars with a recognizable sign. There will also be more shared cars with the SnappCar logo for more visibility. In addition, we are expanding our keyless offering, which means that key transfer is no longer necessary between lessor and renter. On average, these cars are rented seven times more often. So let's get started! I would like to thank AutoBinck Group for the trust and my predecessor Erik Rutten and the team for the good foundation of SnappCar on which I can continue to build.”

Paul Zekhuis, CEO of AutoBinck Group: “SnappCar's growth ambitions match the ambitions we have for the company. We see potential in the shared car market, which more and more people are using. Car sharing is also becoming increasingly relevant in big cities. SnappCar as a company, but also the shift from ownership to use, are in line with our mission 'Making innovative mobility and energy solutions accessible for all'!”


More and more people are getting into a shared car via SnappCar for a day to family, holiday or work on location. SnappCar is in most cases the most convenient, cheapest and fastest option. One shared car replaces an average of seven cars that would otherwise be parked 23 hours a day. SnappCar thus contributes to cleaner air and more space for greenery and housing in busy cities.

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