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Arval and XXImo seal Strategic Partnership to contribute to the transformation of Corporate Mobility in Europe with a new mobility Visa card: the Arval Mobility Pass.

Empowering businesses with the Arval Mobility Pass – an innovative solution for seamless corporate mobility management.

Arval, a European leader in full-service leasing and multi-mobility solutions, has entered a strategic collaboration with XXImo a leading payment and mobility platform as well as a Visa Principal member. Through this partnership, XXImo is becoming a Arval key partner in Europe on its Arval Mobility Pass – a simple, yet innovative, solution combining a payment card, an app, and a management portal to simplify corporate mobility for employers and employees alike. The Arval Mobility Pass is integrated with Visa’s advanced payment technology, ensuring wide coverage across all mobility services throughout Europe.

A new step in Business Mobility

The Arval Mobility Pass powered by XXImo redefines corporate mobility by offering employees a seamless experience and access to sustainable mobility options alongside corporate lease and related services. With a single payment card, employees can unlock a wide range of mobility choices - from parking to public transport, shared mobility, business travel, and taxis across Europe. They can access nearly unlimited mobility choices in Europe by directly purchasing them with their physical or digital Visa card or simply on a tap through Google Pay or Apple Pay services, either on their mobile or on wearables. The accompanying app empowers users to conveniently access a large choice of mobility services, track their expenses, CO2 emissions and more.

Empowering employers to streamline mobility management

This strategic alliance not only benefits employees but also provides employers with a suite of mobility management, real time control and monitoring tools through the Arval Mobility pass portal. This empowers employers to implement in real-time their mobility policies at the individual employee or groups of employees level, streamlining the mobility budget allocation and ensuring effective policy enforcement. From monitoring travel expenses to tracking CO2 emissions and mobility usage, the platform offers a uniform and scalable international solution for enhanced mobility management.

The Netherlands marks the beginning of this European partnership

The European rollout of this partnership starts in the Netherlands, where Arval’s and BNP Paribas employees will be benefiting from the Arval Mobility Pass. Arval plans in coming weeks to extend the offering to its corporate clients in the Netherlands.

Amélie Phélip, Mobility Director at Arval:

"With the Arval Mobility Pass, we offer the right platform to support employees’ ever-changing mobility behaviors, whether they are eligible to a company car, public transport users or of any other kind of mobility. Our goal is to cater to the needs of our corporate clients with innovative payment solutions specifically tailored for multi-mobility."

Alain van Groenendael, Arval Chairman and CEO

"Beyond our vehicle full-service leasing business model and expertise, this new partnership for Arval underscores our commitment to accelerating the deployment of alternative multi-mobility solutions for our corporate clients, and support the significant shift driven by evolving technologies, work trends, and our global ambition to contribute to minimize transportation environmental impact."

Patrick Bunnik, CEO at XXImo:

"We are excited to collaborate with Arval in their ambition to transform business mobility for companies. Arval demonstrates its leadership with the launch of the Arval Mobility Pass. We not only offer a modern and reliable payment means for mobility, but our configurable platform also allows employers to orchestrate mobility policies as they see fit. I look forward to a sustainable partnership."

Richard Campion, Head of Fleet and Business Mobility at Visa:

"We are delighted to join forces with XXImo & Arval to further innovate in business mobility. Together, we are delivering a convenient and reliable payment method that caters to the ever-evolving mobility needs of the modern traveler."

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