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The carsharing company Amber is joining forces with XXImo to make the use and sharing of electric vehicles even more accessible to the Dutch corporate sector. More and more employers are looking to offer flexibility within their mobility policy and to increase the sustainability of their business mileage. This is why XXImo has now integrated Amber's shared electric vehicles into its mobility platform.

Access to Amber that fits existing policy

Via XXImo, companies can offer their employees access to Amber under set terms. That includes the ability to set a weekly or monthly budget and indicate the days on which an employee can reserve a shared car from Amber. Employers can also authorise private use, manage registration and financial settlement of kilometres driven, facilitate work-related travel and link to a mobility budget. This gives employers additional control over the use of mobility and the accompanying costs, while employees can enjoy all the space for flexibility within their employer's policy. Each month, the employer will receive an invoice for the previous monthly period – including specification for every trip.

Stronger together

Amber's fleet of electric shared vehicles is widely available throughout the Netherlands via more than 145 hubs and service areas in most major cities. And when a booking is made at least three hours in advance, Amber guarantees a shared vehicle will be ready and waiting. Thanks to its partnership with XXImo, Amber now has faster access to over 150,000 business travellers. And for XXImo, on the other hand, the collaboration has yielded an even broader, greener and more user-friendly range of offerings.

Patrick Bunnik, CEO of XXImo: “Many companies are looking for a way to combine flexibility and sustainability in their mobility policy. They want an alternative to mileage declarations, lease cars and pool cars, for instance. At the same time, there is an urgent need to reduce the environmental impact of the kilometres travelled. Through this partnership with Amber, we can offer our clients even more possibilities in terms of solutions tailored to fit their specific needs. Amber is a highly innovative player in the mobility market, and we are confident that – by bundling our strengths – we can transform corporate mobility even faster than before.”

Camiel Beeren, MaaS Project Manager at Amber: “We create flexible corporate mobility using fewer cars and thanks to fewer cars. To do this, we rely on data and the use of smart AI software to predict exactly where a need for mobility will arise. We then respond to such needs by deploying electric vehicles. And we also make sure our electric cars are so close and convenient that it's completely unnecessary to have your own personal or company vehicle. Our cooperation with XXImo is enabling us to reach an even wider corporate audience and increase our relevance for major corporations in the Netherlands. It’s going to be a great catalyst for our further growth!”

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