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The family business that has been around for almost forty years is moving with the times. In 2019, the company moved to a larger building, with not three, but six bridges and the accompanying amenities.

There were already eighteen solar panels on the new building, but that only covered part of the roof. Keriem would have liked to have the entire roof covered with solar panels, but - especially after an expensive expansion - the company did not have the means to do so. When Keriem saw the lease construction of Zelfstroom, he did not hesitate for a minute. This way he could save on his energy costs without investing.

  • "I don't have to own the solar panels to benefit from them."

    Keriem Jacobs

    Owner, Garage Jacobs

Volledig zelfvoorzienend in energie

"I was looking for solar panels for my home and read about the leasing options at Zelfstroom. I immediately contacted them and asked about the possibilities for my garage. That was no problem either! In December my house was equipped with Zelfstroom panels and in March the garage." The eighteen existing panels remained neatly in place; these were supplemented with forty-four panels from Zelfstroom. This total is expected to make the car garage completely self-sufficient.

"Our consumption is substantial: we have six doors that open and close all day, and with that the infrared heating is on continuously. In addition, we have a lot of equipment and lighting, so the monthly costs are considerable. The euros often disappear like snow in the sun," jokes Keriem. "In our previous building we had a grass roof, which was not only sustainable, but it also insulated extremely well. In fact, we didn't even need heating there. Unfortunately, a comparable roof was too expensive for this building. I think it's great that we have now found a roof solution that is at least as sustainable, but also saves money."

Lower monthly costs without investment

Thanks to the solar panels, Keriem hardly needs any additional energy. Supplemented by the low monthly lease costs, the car company now pays less monthly on energy than before. And that without any investment. "That was exactly what appealed to us in leasing solar panels: after the move and all the associated costs, an investment in solar panels was absolutely not possible. Now we could still provide our company with solar energy, without having to go to the bank. It also fits in with the trend that you see more and more, we are moving more and more from possession to use. And why not? I don't have to be the owner of the solar panels to benefit from them."

About Zelfstroom Keriem has nothing but praise. "The communication was clear, all agreements were met and the installation went smoothly. The service and support were very nice, it felt right to me. I can therefore recommend it to everyone."