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Danone moved it’s Global HQ with 1800 employees from WTC Schiphol to Hoofddorp, Beukenhorst-Zuid. They moved into a brand new state of the art office campus. ‍ The new location has 180 parking spots, while the previous place had over 350 spots.

Sustainable approach to mobility

The cost of the new indoor parking facility and the upkeep are also significantly higher, having insight and control over the parking demand is crucial. The situation asked for a radically new and sustainable approach towards mobility and a behavioral change of employees. There was an urgent need to find new ways to restructure the parking facilities and policies, enable real-time insight into parking behavior, and keep up with the rising demand.

Plan van aanpak in drie fases

Because of its knowledge and expertise in mobility management, Danone approached Toogethr to assist with this. The challenge/request: create a sustainable and long-term mobility solution for a community of 1800 employees with 180 private parking spaces. After correctly qualifying the mobility problem, we introduced integrated solutions that formed the basis for a new mobility approach.


Through the app, traveling employees of Danone are linked based on their daily commuting routines and share rides to and from Danone with each other. This has strengthened social cohesion among employees, improved accessibility to and from Danone and reduced parking pressure. In addition, all shared rides have contributed to a reduction in CO2 emissions.


By connecting the barrier to the smartbox and Toogethr's parking management system, access to Danone's parking lot has been optimized through automatic tag, pass and license plate recognition. Based on actual data, Danone now determines the course of its own parking policy.


By using shuttle buses, Danone employees are able to commute from Hoofddorp station to Danone's parking lot. Through the app, employees view the driving schedule of the shuttle bus driver and reserve a spot to and from the station or parking lot.

Next phases

Empower the full community. We will expand to multiple locations adding additional services (i.e., Parking Hubs pool).

We will be the mobility player for Danone and leverage their community to reduce its overall parking and mobility issues.

To achieve this, the introduction of alternative modes of mobility will be launched, such as parking hubs & micro-mobility solutions.