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For a better future, sustainability is guiding all of AutoBinck's activities. We are making our existing mobility solutions more sustainable and are constantly expanding our division with companies that are primarily focused on sustainability. By doing business sustainably, we make mobility and energy better for the environment and accessible to everyone.

Sustainable fleet management

Sustainability within the automotive industry is taking more and more shape. New technologies ensure that we are all driving ever cleaner. Our partners at home and abroad are leading in the sale of electric and clean cars, both for private and business lease customers. With our companies Fleet Support and Moove Connected Mobility we also support fleet owners and fleet managers in making their fleets more sustainable. Usage data and the needs of employees are linked to make the fleet as efficient and sustainable as possible.

Smart Technology

The applications of new, smart technologies are making it possible for more and more companies to work in a targeted manner on sustainability. Linking our mobility to innovative technology provides real-time and relevant usage data that allows you to make targeted decisions for your sustainability policy. With XXImo and Toogethr, we support companies in making the mobility they offer their employees more sustainable. But also the optimization of supply and demand of shared, rental and second-hand cars with data driven solutions leads to more efficient and sustainable car use. Our companies SnappCar and Bynco are actively working on this every day.

AutoBinck makes it sustainable

  • Active support in fleet management for companies in reducing their CO2 footprint by, among other things, making their fleet sustainable with electric cars and providing them with the necessary infrastructure to realise this ambition.
  • Integrating attractive new forms of mobility within companies that opt for a modern, sustainable mobility policy in the form of mobility cards, where the employee has maximum freedom of choice and costs are minimised.
  • Making energy accessible by supplying solar power systems to consumers and SMEs, allowing users to generate energy cost-effectively and sustainably, for example for charging their electric cars.
Making our energy more sustainable

Making energy more sustainable is no longer just for companies. By making energy accessible to everyone, we ourselves can also contribute to a more sustainable future. Solar panels are the solution. Self-generated energy is the ideal fuel for our electric cars. The ability to charge with this energy is becoming increasingly easier with the improved charging infrastructure. Making homes more sustainable also contributes to effective energy consumption. Zelfstroom and De Woonpas help private individuals make their own living environment more sustainable, so they can contribute to a cleaner environment!