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XPOfleet, the market leader in fleet and mobility management software, is launching Muto. Muto is an innovative mobility platform that lets you manage all forms of business mobility. From cars to bicycles and mobility cards to even home charging stations. Muto also keeps track of suppliers, contracts and budgets, all in one seamless environment.

Once designed to manage a car fleet, mobility management software often struggles to cope with today's wide range of business mobility services. After all, most organisations offer not only a lease car, but also a company bicycle, mobility card and mobility budget. And the home charging station is also highly desirable among EV drivers. As a result, Fleet Managers, HR Managers and Finance and Procurement departments are placing all these new forms of mobility under separate management software. Indeed, many mobility managers still work with old-fashioned Excel sheets, which are prone to errors and time consuming.

Moving with the times

XPOfleet, the market leader in fleet and mobility management software, is now launching a mobility platform that does accommodate the management of all types of mobility. It is called Muto. Muto is derived from the Latin word for move and change, and that is no coincidence. As an all-in-one mobility management platform, Muto moves with the rapidly changing mobility needs in organisations. Muto provides a convenient overview of all employees, vehicles, mobility services, contracts and suppliers. All seamlessly in a single web-based environment.

Eric van Bael, CEO of XPOFleet, believes Muto is a true game-changer: “The combination of a user-friendly interface, comprehensive functionalities and the ability to make data-driven decisions regarding sustainable business mobility is unique.”

The focus is on the employee

Muto is an employee-centric platform. In the near future it even allows employees to put together their own mobility plan. Muto indicates what their budget is (and the impact on their salary), after which they choose the mobility mix that suits their needs. Such a flexible mobility policy significantly increases employee satisfaction. Not surprising in times of scarce skilled personnel.

Simple input and management

Muto is easy to use and offers a secure form of data management. Muto is 100% hosted in Europe.
Muto takes most of the data entry and administrative tasks off your hands. Importing large data files, for example, is a piece of cake, thanks in part to integration with supplier systems and databases. Various dashboards provide relevant insights such as trends and deadlines. Also unique: the platform is improving every day. Based on comments from the user community, Muto is constantly adding new features and expanding existing ones.

Free trial

Muto has been live since 22 May 2024. The free version allows you to try out all Muto's features up to a number of 10 employees. For larger companies, an introductory price of 2 euros per month applies, regardless of how many assets (car, bicycle, mobility card, charging station) are linked to it.

About XPOfleet

Muto is a product of Belgian XPOfleet, the market leader in fleet and mobility management software. As a subsidiary of Fleet Support, XPOfleet is part of AutoBinck Group, which with 1,700 employees, is a large and renowned player in the mobility world.

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