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Eight million cars in the Netherlands are just standing there, unused, for an average of 23 hours per day. Carsharing is a clever way to solve that problem.

SnappCar helps people who want to rent a car connect with car owners in their area. You can use their online platform to rent a car from a private individual near you at an affordable rate. And if you're a car owner, carsharing offers you a way to cover a portion of your vehicle costs. SnappCar promotes a different approach to car ownership and, by doing so, encourages us to do our part for a better environment and a more sustainable society!

SnappCar Private Lease

SnappCar Private Lease is for those who want to get even more out of their lease car. With their lease activities they combine having your own car for a fixed low amount per month with the guarantee to be able to rent out your lease car as well. By sharing, the lease car contributes to a cleaner climate and it also generates extra income for the person renting it out. An all-risk insurance protects customers against damages and other inconveniences.

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