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Fleet Support leads the market in professional fleet management and its clients include dozens of large and medium-sized organisations.

With integral mobility management as a shared spot on the horizon, Fleet Support is focusing not only on fleet management but also on managing new forms of corporate mobility – such as public transport, car rental, carsharing and e-bike leasing – which are also aimed at employees without a company vehicle or car of their own. Fleet Support's solutions integrate the goal of attractive employership with the ideals of sustainability, efficiency and convenience. To that end, ‘Moving You’ stands not only for helping people get moving, but also for encouraging them to think and inspiring them with innovative solutions and surprising savings. All of which is aimed at making mobility more flexible, more sustainable and more convenient for everyone.

Verbreding internationale propositie

Met de recente overname van het Belgische Gloriant BV (bestaande uit XPOfleet en Mobilitypower) verstevigt Fleet Support ook haar internationale serviceaanbod op het gebied van fleet- en mobility management. Zo levert XPOfleet (cloudbased) fleet management software waarmee bedrijven hun fleet management volledig zelf kunnen uitvoeren. Mobilitypower is, net als Fleet Support, specialist in fleet- en mobility management. De combinatie biedt klanten een uniek totaalpakket van kennis en kunde voor optimale fleet management ondersteuning. Het Belgische Gloriant is actief in 26 landen in Europa waardoor Fleet Support haar dienstverlening in nog meer landen aanbiedt. Met de overname beheert Fleet Support samen met Gloriant 170.000 voertuigen en daarmee is het op dit gebied een van de leidende spelers in Europa.

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