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AutoBinck Group is a Dutch family-owned business focusing on mobility and energy. All our 1,700 employees work to ensure that AutoBinck moves in line with changes in the world, innovates and continues to lead the way. AutoBinck has now grown to be a leading player in the European mobility market. AutoBinck also invests in the accessibility of sustainable energy by making sustainability in housing (financially) available to all.

AutoBinck is a portfolio business with dozens of companies divided between four divisions: Car Distribution, Leasing, Mobinck and Ebinck.

Those companies are founded on entrepreneurship. The group provides support so that the companies can grow and accelerate. We always look ahead and focus on the long term, with a radar for the right innovations and for ways of doing business even more sustainably.

Our core values


People and shared connections are our key focus

We are always looking to forge new connections. We do this by undertaking activities that meet the needs of our clients and by developing those activities together with clients. And people outside our organisation are not the only ones we pay attention to: we also consider the well-being of our employees to be a primary concern. By looking for ways to connect our activities, we encourage employees to collaborate and develop enthusiastic engagement with the greater whole.


Entrepreneurship sets the tone

Entrepreneurship is the basis for our success. We therefore feel it is important to give our people space to take independent decisions and develop initiatives of their own. Because we've structured our organisation in a decentralised and informal way, decision-making can take place at the lowest possible level. That makes us efficient, agile and able to quickly respond to rapid, successive changes in the market.


Innovation and creativity are vital and necessary

To safeguard the continuity of our family business, it is vital that we are capable of changing when the situation calls for it. Pursuing innovation both internally and externally, with regard to new resources and new activities – of which digitisation is a crucial element – is needed to ensure our divisions are ready to face the future. Bold thinking, creativity and critically evaluating the viability of current activities are all inextricably woven into our DNA.


A long-term focus is second nature to us

We focus on continuity, which is why we must maintain the financial health of our business. Results are important, but a company should always keep an eye on the horizon. It is essential to remain relevant for the next generation and other stakeholders. We want to establish an international group with strong visibility and significance. But at the same time, we are building for keeps, without any hasty ‘buy-grow-sell’ ambitions. We are here for the long term: it's who we are.


Sustainability is a top priority

This long term cannot exist without consideration for the greater whole, or without our focus on society and the environment. We want our activities to be sustainable and socially responsible. In everything we do, we strive to minimise our impact on the environment as much as possible and to take the interests of minority groups into account. Through our services and products, we support our clients as they enhance the sustainability of their operations. At the same time, we also supply the consistent real-time insight they need in order to coordinate long-term policies.

Facts & figures



Years of experience

AutoBinck was founded in 1907 and has more than 115 years of automotive experience.




The total turnover of AutoBinck amounts to more than 1 billion euros on an annual basis.



Every day 1,700 people within all AutoBinck companies work on your mobility.



A total of 75 operating companies operate within the 4 divisions of AutoBinck.


Active in 31 countries

Our international ambition has so far ensured that we are active in more than 30 countries.


Office countries

AutoBinck now has physical offices in 9 European countries.


Working for AutoBinck Group

AutoBinck Group through the years

If you don’t know the past, you can’t understand the present or shape the future – there is a good reason why this is a commonly used expression. Like any company, AutoBinck Group knows which moments in our history have been key to our growth. As a result, we have a clear picture of where we came from. And we can show you how we have developed into the strong mobility and energy provider we are today.

1907 Founding

Our family firm started life selling Mercedes cars from AutoPalace in The Hague.

1930 Portfolio expands

We expanded our portfolio to include the Czech brand ŠKODA. Over the subsequent years, car sales grew significantly.

1950 Move to Binckhorstlaan

The move to the new, modern office on the Binckhorstlaan in The Hague was perfectly aligned to our growth and ambitions in the post-war period. It also resulted in the name AutoBinck.

1969 International brand

Rolf Lauret introduced Mazda in the Netherlands. This was how we got our start as importer of a major international brand.

1980 Significant expansion

AutoBinck grew rapidly and our headquarters grew, too. A portion of the harbour was drained to accommodate a major expansion of the building.

1990 Ambition outside the Netherlands

Our ambitions also took us outside the Netherlands. The first step was to become a Mazda importer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We then extended our import and retail activities to multiple countries in Central Europe, increasing the size of our geographic footprint.

1996 First step in the lease market

With the acquisition of Business Lease, we took our first step in the lease market, representing a significant diversification of our portfolio. Business Lease also quickly established itself in various countries in Central Europe.

1999 Enormous boost

The acquisition of the Hyundai importer for the Netherlands gave an enormous boost to our car import and retail division. In the subsequent years, AutoBinck was also appointed as Hyundai’s importer in several countries in Central Europe.

2000 Parts division

The acquisition of automotive material wholesaler Brezan marked the start of our Parts division and a further diversification of our activities.

2004 Mitsubishi

A new brand was added to our import activities: Mitsubishi in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

2008 Loss Mazda Importship

After 40 successful years, we lost our role as importer for Mazda, with the manufacturer deciding to conduct its own import business throughout Europe.

2011 Expansion of activities

We extended our activities to Hungary. With the distribution rights for Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover, we also further added to our brand portfolio.

2014 New office

After almost sixty years, we exchanged the building on the Binckhorstlaan for a new office at the Forepark in The Hague. Also in 2014, Brezan made substantial acquisitions, going on to grow its annual turnover to around €300 million in the years that followed.

2015 Break with the past

Acquiring a strategic interest in charging points supplier The New Motion represented a break with the past. In the search for new forms of mobility, that year also saw Autobinck make an initial investment in car sharing platform SnappCar.

2016 New divisions

In order to position the new activities and investments within ABG, the Mobinck and Ebinck divisions were set up. In 2016, we acquired mobility card company Radiuz and added the first energy company to our portfolio: a strategic interest in Zelfstroom.

2017 Own start-ups

In addition to various investments, we also set up our own start-ups – online seller of second-hand cars Bynco, telematics specialist Moove and In 2017, we sold our share in The New Motion to Shell and increased our stake in Zelfstroom.

2018 Go ahead

We acquired Fleet Support, market leader in fleet management. One year later, we also acquired the number two in the market, ROI Fleet. In parallel, we increased our interest in Zelfstroom even further and our parts division acquired various car equipment wholesalers.

2019 Move to WTC Utrecht and sale of Partspoint Group

After a period of significant growth, we decided to sell Partspoint Group. Business Lease Nederland entered into a joint venture with Terberg Leasing: Terberg Business Lease Group (TBLG). With the move to our new office in the World Trade Center in Utrecht, in that year we also left our home base in The Hague.

2020 Sustainable future

We acquired mobility card provider XXImo, purchased an interest in Toogethr, made an initial investment in SafeDrivePod and acquired a stake in De Woonpas. We also launched AutoBinck Car Trade (ACT), while Autobedrijf Noteboom Barendrecht took over the activities of Hyundai Van Trigt Zuidland.

2021 International mobility

In Belgium, we acquired XPOfleet, a company that is active in fleet management software and has customers in 26 countries. Radiuz and XXImo merged and continued under the name XXImo. In 2021, we also became the 100% owner of Zelfstroom.

2022 Strategic deals

Early in this year, we were appointed MG importer for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In May, Mobinck Germany GmbH opened its doors in Oberhaching, south of Munich, which means that all the Mobinck companies are represented in the DACH region. In September, together with Royal Terberg Group, we sold our joint venture Terberg Business Lease Group to Arval. In that same month, we acquired the installation company Atama Solar Energy. In November, we sold BMW and Mini dealer VMD Group, with three locations in the northern Netherlands, to Dusseldorp Automotive.


From The Hague to Prague