Zelfstroom sets another crowdfunding record: €2,000,000 raised in one day.

Zelfstroom sets another crowdfunding record: €2,000,000 raised in one day.


Zelfstroom launched a new crowdfunding campaign for 2 million euros on Thursday 1 December on the duurzaaminvesteren.nl platform. The subscription was complete by 16.47 the same day. CEO Bram Leijten says there is a great deal of interest in Zelfstroom crowdfunding projects and that there are many investors who are very enthusiastic about the project. This crowdfunding project is unique in the Netherlands as it is the first for which a prospectus approved by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) has been issued.


A new record
“We are breaking quite a few records. We were the first in the Netherlands to launch such a large crowdfunding project for sustainable energy, in April this year,” says Bram Leijten. “And now we have doubled that amount to two million and have succeeded in raising it one day. A great signal for us, but also for the interest in sustainable crowdfunding projects.” Zelfstroom has now raised a total of 4.6 million euros through crowdfunding, intended for installing and renting solar energy systems. Demand for renting solar panels is increasing rapidly. Zelfstroom is the largest provider of rented solar panels in the Netherlands. “The aim is to fit more than 150 million euros’ worth of solar panels on 50,000 homes by the year 2020.”

Moving towards a fossil-free Netherlands

The company’s mission is, together with homeowners in the Netherlands, to contribute towards reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. Zelfstroom has introduced the rental of solar panels in the Netherlands, thereby giving private citizens the opportunity to use sustainable energy that they themselves have generated and so reduce their energy bills. Homeowners are not required to make any investments; they only have to pay a small rental charge. Using crowdfunding means that even more people are able to help indirectly with the speeding up of the energy transition in the Netherlands.

AutoBinck has had a minority interest in Zelfstroom since early 2016. Through its participation, AutoBinck has expanded its position in the field of sustainable mobility solutions. There is a strong interrelationship between solar power and electric vehicles.

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