VMD Group – Sustainability-certified partners in mobility.

VMD Group – Sustainability-certified partners in mobility.


Vriesendijk, Martinistad and Dijker (VMD Group) are dealers of BMW and MINI. They have been representing these brands for decades in Assen, Groningen and northeast Groningen. For years, BMW Group has been among the world top in the field of environmentally friendly and sustainable entrepreneurship, and the VMD Group implements this policy in the management of its dealerships. Thanks to this policy, all three dealerships have received the “Erkend Duurzaam” Sustainability Certificate.


A better environment starts with the right choices.
At VMD Group the customer’s interests as an individual and fellow human are key. This naturally leads to a shared responsibility for the environment and society. The award of the “Erkend Duurzaam” Sustainability Certificate shows that Vriesendijk, Martinistad and Dijker work in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. By making the right choices in fields like waste processing, digitisation and recycled materials, the VMD Group and all its employees opt for a better environment. This reflects not only social responsibility, but also environmental awareness.

BMW i stands for innovation.
Martinistad in Groningen is BMW i Agent. BMW i is a sub-brand of BMW that stands for innovation. The fully electric BMW i3 runs emission-free, but more than that, the entire concept of the vehicle stresses efficient and sustainable electromobility. Recycled and renewable materials protect the environment and replace traditional materials such as plastic. In combination with, for example, a carport fitted with solar panels, the recharging of the battery is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Focus on the future.
Living and working in a cleaner environment with sustainable products is the future we all want to work towards at VMD Group. We not only keep track of developments in innovation and environmentally friendly technology, we also participate in projects and collaborations to bring them about, both now and in the future.

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