Promising start for private lease car sharing

Promising start for private lease car sharing


The option to share your private lease car with other drivers: if the enormous interest in a pilot recently launched by and SnappCar is anything to go by, it could be a bull's-eye. The project offers apt proof of how cross-pollination between our divisions and partners can result in new business.

Private Lease SnappCar

Jeroen Bus‘We received 70 applications in the first weekend alone, and a surprising amount of those were from younger drivers’, explains Jeroen Bus, Private Mobility Manager at The new, innovative and unique service recently launched as Users currently have the option of private leasing a Fiat 500 Popstar for €99 a month instead of €225. The only condition is that the user makes the car available for rent for at least 2 days per month using the SnappCar platform.

‘We are conducting the pilot in Amsterdam’, says Bus. ‘Because we expect the greatest potential in an urban environment’. In a large city, demand for rental cars outstrips supply. Collaborating with SnappCar allows us to increase the rental prospects of a private lease car, so we should be able to rent it for two days a month to car sharing fans’.

Private Lease quality mark and SnappCar have commissioned Keurmerk Private Lease, a quality assurance foundation, to evaluate the concept. Bus: ‘To remove obstacles for those interested in the concept, and to take away any doubts. The foundation is also involved with the pilot’. An evaluation is planned in a few months, during which the success of the project will be assessed and potential adjustments identified. ‘The concept will then be rolled out more widely, and we will carefully select the areas of the country showing the greatest interest in private leasing and car sharing via SnappCar. We will then see whether it is feasible to add other models to the portfolio in addition to the Fiat 500 Popstar’.

Fewer cars on the road

The collaboration between SnappCar and (part of Business Lease) is inspired by sustainability and a focus on reducing the number of cars on the road. Combining private lease with a car sharing concept fits with this mission. The new concept encourages users to hire out their private lease cars. And that is extremely fruitful, as making your car available for rent when it is not in use is a good money-earner. On average, cars are not in use for 23 hours a day. and SnappCar complement each other well. ‘In practice, it has become evident that people are more likely to rent newer cars, as they are more luxurious and use less fuel. Our involvement is seeing the range of fuel-efficient cars at SnappCar grow. We are therefore contributing to sustainability. Moreover, we are reducing the number of cars on the road, while also providing a valuable additional service.’

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