Success after success for Bynco

Success after success for Bynco


Bynco is in the race for two awards, the SpinAward and the Dutch Interactive Award. They are both prestigious awards for creative concepts and e-commerce. A wonderful recognition following a month that was already commercially the best to date.

‘Absolutely fantastic! The nominations prove once again that our innovative concept is getting noticed. Last year we were also among the finalists of the Accenture Innovation Award and were named Retail Rookie 2017-2018’, says Jeroen Veldman, General Manager of Bynco. On 29 March, he held a presentation before the specialist panel of the SpinAwards. The winners will be announced later this month, on 25 April.

Bynco among some pretty big names
Veldman: ‘It’s already great that we have been nominated for the SpinAward among names of major companies, like Heineken, KLM and ABN Amro. We’re getting noticed because of our 24/7 online availability, our strength of thinking from a customer’s perspective and the radically different approach. This is reflected in our results. The number of visitors to the website is growing every quarter and we’re also seeing a monthly increase in the number of car sales.’

Dutch Interactive Award
Bynco has also been nominated for the Dutch Interactive Award in the category Disrupter. The Dutch Interactive Awards (DIA) acknowledge the very best interactive work by Dutch companies. Here, too, Bynco stands alongside some very big names, including Transavia, IKEA and Jumbo supermarkets. The winners will be announced during a festive award show at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam on 31 May.

Promotional campaign on radio and on billboards
Bynco launched a major promotional campaign in March with radio commercials and on billboards along the Dutch motorways. Mark Boekraad, responsible for the online shop and customer service, elaborates: ‘As a startup, you need to work on your brand awareness and reliability. The campaign certainly played a role in ensuring that March was our best-ever month. We attracted more visitors and those visitors stayed on the site longer, for instance.’

The promotional campaign was a deliberate choice. Bynco first wanted to make sure the web shop was completely up and running. ‘The website is our foundation, which needs to be accessible and do what visitors and people looking for cars expect of it. Since the launch last year, we have spent a great deal of attention on optimisation. Our focus is very much data driven, we use the analytical data of the site visits to determine how these visits take place.’

Want to know if Bynco wins the SpinAward or the DIA? Then watch on 25 April and check out on 31 May.

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