Stronger together in business mobility

Stronger together in business mobility


What makes the customer happy? That is the most important question when developing new services. And of course this is something we regularly ask employees themselves. This time, Business Lease and Radiuz, enthusiastic newcomers in the world of business mobility, talked with a number of major customers, including Atos and Equens.


The complex reality
However much businesses want to, it is not always easy to change the mobility policy. Employees are used to existing schemes and they often enjoy old privileges that are no longer always suitable in the present day and age. An age where we need to reduce CO2 emissions, where people more often work from home, and where the lease car is not always the best form of transport.  Tinkering with existing policy always meets with resistance. Especially when employees don’t know how the new policy will affect them.

“Turn the revolution into an evolution. Offer a new mobility scheme alongside the old one. Let the employee choose.”

From revolution to evolution
The solution lies in freedom of choice. Or as Jaap van Daalen, from ROI Fleet, says: “Turn the revolution into an evolution. Offer a new mobility scheme alongside the old one. Let the employee choose.” Radiuz can offer this flexibility. Victor van den Berg adds to this: “Companies can also start with a pilot project for 100 employees. If the pilot project is successful, it makes it easier to sell the new policy to the whole organisation. Radiuz can offer this flexibility.”

A good working relationship
And this brings us to the key question: What makes the customer happy? Our customers had three wishes. To start with, a good working relationship. Arranging things together. And – particularly important – saving work for the customer by dealing with the administration. Then finally: businesses really value having a single point of contact for all their transport needs. That is precisely where Business Lease and Radiuz want to complement each other. To make things as easy as possible for their customers. Because life is complicated enough.

With thanks to Frank Winnubst (Atos), Henk Pel (Equens), Jaap van Daalen (ROI Fleet), Nicole de Lange (Parfums Christian Dior) and Mohammed Jaber (Balance).

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