Slovakia won silver medal at Mitsubishi Motors European Technician Olympics

Slovakia won silver medal at Mitsubishi Motors European Technician Olympics


On 22th June, the Mitsubishi Motors Europe (MME) Training Academy in the Dutch city of Nieuwegein hosted the Mitsubishi Motors European Technician Olympics. A talented technician from Slovakia – Miroslav Glos – did very well and won the second prize.

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Participants from 12 European countries, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia, took part in the Olympics. It was Miroslav Glos from H&M autoopravy-predaj, s.r.o., authorized Mitsubishi dealer in Banská Bystrica, who has proven his mastery again by having won the admirable second prize. This year’s Olympian gold went to the Dutch participant, Arno Mannink, a technician from Autobedrijf Nijman BV in Borculo.

The victory of Slovakia’s Miroslav Glos, however, was not his first professional triumph since he already won the title of the Best Technician at the very same Olympics in 2008. Two years before that, in 2006, he won the title of the Best Car Electrician of Europe, having finished third in the whole competition. Miroslav Glos is now going to take part in the Mitsubishi Motors World Technician Olympics that should take place in Tokyo in the autumn of 2018. The first three prize-winners from the European Olympics qualify for the event.

Martin Saitz, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Distributors companies M Motors SK and M Motors CZ (part of AutoBinck Group), commented this success: “I’m really happy that by his great performance at the Mitsubishi Motors European Technician Olympics, Miroslav Glos has proven again that only the best-qualified professionals work in the chain of authorised repair services of Mitsubishi, which assures our customers about the fact that their car is in the best hands. Authorised car repair centres of Mitsubishi and their professionally-trained workers offer top-notch services, with customer satisfaction and service quality always coming first.”

Martin Saits further stated: “To work as a Mitsubishi technician is not a mere job, it is a state of mind and a mission. That is the very reason why so many enthusiasts from all over Europe participate at the regular Technician Olympics in the Dutch MME training centre, with an elite group of the best technicians of Mitsubishi in Europe meeting there to challenge one another in various tasks that should test the limits of their technical knowledge and skills.”

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European Technician Olympics
The finals of the Olympics themselves were preceded by national rounds in the respective countries, with an average of 800 to 1,200 participants from all over Europe. These rounds are open to all technicians from authorised repair centres of Mitsubishi in the given country who possess the “Technician” qualification level (note: this can be acquired in the Mitsubishi Technical Training Academy training system) and first pass a theoretical test. The three best participants then qualify for the national round with a practical test. Only the best participant qualifies for the European finals of the Technician Olympics.

In 2017, the participants of the European Technician Olympics dealt with various tasks focused primarily on troubleshooting various vehicle systems. The jury created certain technical problems in the vehicle and then watched how aptly would the individual contestants deal with them. Apart from that, the speed of their diagnostics and the efficiency of their solutions have also been assessed. This year’s contestants were to remove 6 simulated problems, of which 4 were “easier” and had a time limit of 120 min. (30 min. for each problem) and 2 were more complicated, having a time limit of 100 min. (50 min. for each problem). What is interesting is the fact that in order to win, it was not enough to solve the problem as fast as possible. The technicians also had to follow the diagnostic procedure and remain within the time limit. In the case of one complicated issue, Miroslav Gloss was actually the only one to solve it among all of the participants, and it only took him 35 min. instead of the limit of 50 minutes.

Professional skills and technical training
In 2017, the Japanese car maker Mitsubishi Motors celebrates 100 years since the production of its first car, Model A. During the past 100 years, it worked hard not only on the development of its own technologies, but also on the after-market service quality, including trained professionals working in the brand’s service centres. Mitsubishi car-maker puts great emphasis on the knowledge and experience of its technicians. That is why it is ready to invest in their training and professional development. The leader of MME’s technical training first attends training sessions in Japan to be ready to prepare the course content for the European market afterwards. The employees of individual European distributors then get trained to be able to train their own technicians in their respective countries. These technicians then regularly pass exams in order to strengthen their competence.

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Miroslav Glos: the winner of the silver medal at the Mitsubishi Motors European Technician Olympics
Miroslav Glos has worked with H&M autoopravy-predaj, s.r.o., authorized dealer of Mitsubishi in the city of Banská Bystrica, for almost 20 years. Throughout the years, he assumed several positions in the company and currently, he holds the position of the car electrician responsible for diagnostics.
He has been an avid fan of cars since his childhood, with an interest in electronics inspired by his father, a graduate of a University specialised in electrical engineering. Mr Glos himself completed his education at the local vocational school of electrical engineering in Banská Bystrica, having successfully passed his final exams after a four-year car electrician course. He worked with his current employer for two years already during his secondary-school studies. He enjoyed the work in the company so much that he basically became a part of it, having decided to stay. He has worked there ever since.

Miroslav Glos likes to look for technical challenges and strives to work with each vehicle as responsibly as possible. That is also the reason why he won the title of the Best Car Technician in Slovakia in 2007* along with the title of Europe’s best car electrician at the European Technician Olympics in 2006. At the latter competition, he also won the gold medal (2008) and the silver medal (2017).

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With regard to his success, Miroslav Glos said: “I hold the Mitsubishi brand and its pursuit of perfection in very high regard. Only few brands can offer such a high quality of its products and as far as the sophisticated all-wheel drive is concerned, Mitsubishi is definitely one of the market leaders. Another big plus that goes to Mitsubishi is the fact that instead of copying the technology of others, it develops its own, which is only typical of technologically advanced companies.” Glos continued: “I have had the honour to work with Mitsubishi vehicles since 1998 and I’ve been regularly attending all of its courses for several years. I have always been interested in the hot news and I simply need to be sure that I can deliver top-notch performance at work.”

*The Best Car Technician of the Year competition is organised by Automagazín and Profi Auto, professional monthly car magazine, in collaboration with Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa.

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