ROI Fleet selects Radiuz as mobility partner

ROI Fleet selects Radiuz as mobility partner


Radiuz, which recently became part of AutoBinck Group’s Smart Mobility division, has given their envisaged expansion plans a considerable boost by entering into partnership with ROI Fleet. The agreement provides the lease company’s clients with direct access to the Radiuz mobility card, enabling users to also opt for alternative forms of mobility, such as public transport. One ROI client has already embraced the new service. The more than 2,000 lease car users within this organisation can now also use the Radiuz card alongside their lease car.


Victor van den Berg, Director of Radiuz, argues that the strength of the Radiuz concept lies in connecting supply and demand. “We ensure that companies, and particularly their employees, are able to travel effortlessly from A to B, without problems and all sorts of inconvenient administration and barriers. The Powered by Radiuz card opens all of these doors. And that is the successful recipe that ROI Fleet will now also be using.”

Jaap van Daalen, General Manager at ROI Fleet, believes that the Radiuz mobility card is the best means of offering employees increased freedom of choice regarding mobility. It also allows employers to take more targeted action with regard to fleet costs and CO2 emissions. Van Daalen: ‘Integral fleet and mobility management is the future, which makes the combination of ROI Fleet and Radiuz an obvious choice. Particularly the combination of economical, perhaps smaller and cheaper lease cars and the Radiuz mobility card will result in lower CO2 emissions and reduced fleet costs for employers.”

Caption: Jaap van Daalen, Managing Director ROI Fleet (left) and Victor van den Berg, Managing Director Radiuz.

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