Revolution in car purchase. Auto Palace as the first and only dealer in the Czech Republic is starting the car sales online

Revolution in car purchase. Auto Palace as the first and only dealer in the Czech Republic is starting the car sales online


Auto Palace, a leading dealer group of eight car brands, represents a revolutionary project in the history of car sales. As the first dealer in the Czech Republic it has started the cars sales online on its website as of May 2016. And this unique project, which aims to facilitate the maximum of car purchase without the physicall visit of the showroom, has already tried the first customer. Mr. Petr Tomeček from Prague bought the Mitsubishi Lancer via a website of Auto Palace.


“Buy a car,” … it is so easy from now on. Auto Palace introduced the possiblity to buy a car online within few minutes in May, literally by a few mouse clicks. A new service just after two days of the start visited and even actually used the first customer. The new Mitsubishi Lancer was purchased over Auto Palace website and was delivered to 33 year old new owner from Prague Strašnice. Auto Palace website is fully responsive, so it is also possible to buy a car online from a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone.

“This year we committed ourselves to provide even better comfort when buying a car to our customers, and it was not only a meaningless words,” says Ralph Howie, CEO of Auto Palace Czech Republic and Slovakia. “Therefore, I am absolutely excited that today I can confirm that we have launched a new and unique possibility of selling cars online in the Czech Republic. It is an absolutely revolutionary project in new car sales over the internet with similar parameters of online selling as any other commodity incl. the possibility of returning the car within the 14-day period. At the same time I am very happy that just a few days from the start of this functionality, I congratulate the first owner of the car purchased online, “says Ralph Howie.

“I have searched for a new car offer for some time. I had a clear idea what kind of car am I interested in and basically just searched for the best offer on the market, “says Petr Tomeček, the new owner of Mitsubishi Lancer purchased online. “At the beggining I was not sure if the icon “Buy a car ” means the real car purchase or if it is just a type of obligatory order. I therefore was very surprised when Auto Palace has confirmed that it regards a real car purchase and started to discuss the next steps, “describes Mr. Tomeček his first feelings. “Because I have paid for the car in cash and went through all the formalities easily, and, chose the car is stock, I did not even wait for the car. Auto Palace has handled it to me literally in front of my house. The entire purchase process was very fast and intuitive, “adds Petr Tomeček.

How does the whole process of buying online work?
A customer who chooses the car through the website completes in the first step their personal data, data processing and approve the terms and conditions of online sales. The car is then marked as reserved in all online channels, which is currently on offer.

In the next phase Auto Palace sends the new owner the purchase confirmation. Within three working days, the customer will also receive a draft contract and specification to pay a 15% deposit. The dealer also informs the customer about the details of the vehicle and the estimated time of delivery. Non-refundable deposit must be paid within three days, otherwise the reservation is canceled and the draft contract, including the proposed price and other specifics of the purchase is invalid.

In case the car is not in stock, the dealer entered the vehicle into production. With the cars in stock the dealer – after paying the deposit – negotiates with the customer the exact date of handing over the vehicle at the address the new owner chooses. Transport of vehicle is fully the responsibility of the seller, who agrees to deliver the car to any address in the Czech Republic. The only obligation is to pay the remaining 85% of the purchased price no later than seven days before handing over the car. After payment of the full amount of the car is delivered to the owner, who shall confirm receipt of car just by signing the handover protocol.

As with online sales of another commodity, even here, the customer has the right to return the goods within the 14 day period (in the case of vehicle purchase by an individual not the firm). In this case the owner of a new vehicle, send the completed ”Notice of withdrawal from the contract” to Auto Palace. The customer returns the car back to the dealer and gets the amount defined in the purchase agreement back (which is deducted from the price above 20 km).

Preview of a car card with “Buy a car” button you can find here:

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