RDW authorises Kentekenloket at car companies

RDW authorises Kentekenloket at car companies


The National Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority (RDW) has officially authorised the Kentekenloket. This means that around 500 car companies are now able to carry out car registration transfers for used vehicle sales between private parties.

Every year in the Netherlands almost one million used cars are bought and sold privately. Up to now, private parties had to go to a branch of PostNL to get their car registration transferred. But now that RDW has authorised around 500 car companies as a Kentekenloket to carry out car registration transfers, this is no longer necessary.

Extra services
Kentekenloket was developed by Brezan Automaterialen and is aimed at car companies who are customers of Brezan. Carrying out car registration transfers (also applies to caravans, motorbikes and scooters) for used vehicle sales between private parties gives these companies the opportunity to offer extra services such as a pre-purchase inspection, odometer reading check, tyre inspection, diagnostic report or a discount voucher for a service and/or the annual Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI, Dutch APK).

Explosive growth
Kentekenloket has seen explosive growth: recruitment began in February 2015, and now, six months later, around 500 car companies have joined. The idea is that by the end of this year every municipality in the Netherlands will have a participant in the Kentekenloket scheme. “We want to continue growing until we have a maximum of 1000 participating companies,” says Brezan’s commercial director Frank Doorenbos. “Good distribution across the country is paramount: we used statistics on the number of cars per municipality to calculate a maximum number of vehicle registration desks per municipality in order to ensure that every participating company has sufficient customers.”

Appendix 1 – Photo Frank Doorenbos
Frank Doorenbos: continue growing to a maximum of 1000 Kentekenloket companies

Appendix 2 – Factsheet Kentekenloket

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