Radiuz and Hellorider join forces on sustainable mobility

Radiuz and Hellorider join forces on sustainable mobility


Radiuz, the all-in-one mobility provider for employers and employees, and Hellorider, which supplies lease bicycles for employees, have entered into a partnership agreement. Their cooperation will enable Radiuz to further expand its range of sustainable mobility options, while Hellorider will strengthen its position in the market by being able to meet employers’ growing desire to reduce their administrative burden in connection with mobility.

Wilfred Kiekebelt, Partner at Hellorider: “Bicycle leasing is on the rise, with the demand for electric bicycles being especially strong, as it offers a healthy, safe and efficient alternative to short trips by car. Cycling saves up parking spaces and eliminates the rather unnecessary costs for paid parking.”

A logical partnership

According to Radiuz CCO Jeanot Knols, the partnership is a match made in Heaven: “We are seeing vigorous growth in the demand for bicycle leasing in combination with other modalities. As it stands now, many employers still find this quite complicated to achieve because of strong regulatory pressure – a pressure that will only increase from next year on. Through this partnership with Hellorider, we will make multimodal sustainable mobility even more accessible to all.”

Thanks to the cooperation between Radiuz and Hellorider, employers will gain comprehensive oversight of all travel movements, resulting in the seamless allocation of travel budgets and mileage allowances. The Radiuz App knows whether an employee is using the leased bicycle, their own bicycle or one of the many other mobility options for a given trip. The latter benefit will become much more important from January 2021 on, as the elimination of the fixed-fee travel allowance will increase the administrative burden on Human Resources.

Complementary DNA

Radiuz and Hellorider are both independent platforms yet share a common vision. Radiuz is the top innovative and independent integrator of mobility services and offers convenience in freedom of travel via sharing concepts, public transport and other solutions, many of which are sustainable. It will also become possible to include the lease bicycle and lease car options in a mobility budget. Radiuz operates both autonomously and in cooperation with various lease companies.

Hellorider is the brand-independent lease bicycle supplier that offers bicycle leasing solutions to lease companies. Hellorider operates in the commercial sector and has a strong focus on extensive software integration in the bicycle ecosystem, from the network of dealers and payroll service providers to lease companies.

Mobility-related developments

“An ever-increasing range of mobility options, changes in legislation and regulations and drastically shifting mobility needs are forcing employers to revise their mobility policies,” says Christian Zielinski, Sales Manager at Radiuz. “Sustainability, flexibility and convenience – including a reduced administrative burden – are essential to making this transition. This is why, more and more often, employers are relying on a single package that offers various forms of mobility in one, such as a combination of vehicles and/or carsharing, electric bicycles and public transport, rather than the traditional mileage allowance or company car.”

Multi-mobility integrator Radiuz and lease bicycle supplier Hellorider are joining forces in order to supply a comprehensive mobility solution.

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