Radiuz adds parking abroad to its portfolio

Radiuz adds parking abroad to its portfolio


As from 1 June 2019, employers will be able to add EasyPark to their employees' Radiuz mobility solutions package. If you opt to travel by (shared) car, it is nice to be able to charge your parking fees to your employer without having to submit expense claims by hand. Radiuz has been offering parking solutions in the Netherlands for some time now, but thanks to the addition of EasyPark, parking abroad is now also an option.

The EasyPark app enables you to quickly and easily find a parking space in over 1,000 cities, in 15 countries. Needless to say it also offers maximum coverage in the Netherlands. Many employers feel that EasyPark is a valuable addition to their existing mobility policy. It increases employee satisfaction because the app makes it easy for employees to find the nearest parking space and to park stress-free.

Victor van den Berg, CEO Radiuz. ‘At Radiuz, we feel that the combined use of all forms of mobility should be as easy as getting water out of a tap. Our credo is: mobility made simple. EasyPark’s ‘Urban Life Made Easy’ mission fits in perfectly with this. The partnership with EasyPark brings us one step closer to our goal. I can be nothing but proud of this addition to our portfolio!’

The very user-friendly, innovative and award-winning app allows you to manage parking actions in no time at all. These are all important criteria for adding EasyPark to Radiuz’s mobility solutions package. ‘By combining our innovative solutions, such as our Find and Park, we are strengthening each other in our European ambitions and fulfilling our ‘Urban Life Made Easy’ mission’, says EasyPark’s Country Director Bernd Reul, ‘We’re looking forward to working together with Radiuz!’

About Radiuz

Radiuz makes it possible for employees to make travel movements and complete transactions with a wide range of mobility providers with just one business subscription. It can, for example, be used to travel on public transport or to complete transactions with your business account in the Greenwheels and EasyPark apps, among others. This means that employees never have to ensure they have enough credit themselves. There is also no need for them to keep a travel history and, on top of that, any expenses are settled directly between Radiuz and the employer. The employer will receive a single invoice at the end of the month for all mobility transactions completed by all employees. In short: in terms of transport options there are no private or business restrictions and at the same time there is control over – and insight into – the mobility usage of employees. That is Mobility Made Simple!

About EasyPark Group

EasyPark’s award-winning digital service has been helping travellers with parking since 2001. But that is not all they do. The technology helps companies, operators and cities with parking management and planning in over 1,000 cities in 15 countries. Urban life made easy – one parking spot at a time.

Radiuz is part of AutoBinck Group, a family business that has become one of the leading players in the European mobility market, with versatile mobility companies focused on the mobility of tomorrow. The company has a turnover of 985 milion euro (2018), operates in eight European countries and employs 1,609 people.

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