Q-Park expands the amount of charge points with The New Motion

Q-Park expands the amount of charge points with The New Motion


Q-Park will rapidly expand, together with The New Motion, the amount of charge points in their parking garages. Within six months there will be 224 charge point, currently there are 136 in operation. In addition, Q-Park is also looking at other structural, sustainable solutions that can be implemented in the parking garages, such as the use of solar power and a complete charging wall which can service a high amount of users simultaneously.


Offering service to electric drivers has been a goal for the market leader for quite some time. The first charge point was installed in a Q-Park garage in 2012. If you add all the charge sessions since 2012, it accounts for over 13,000 days of charging at Q-Park. Today there are over 6,000 charge sessions per month on Q-Park locations which accounts for a monthly saving of 35 tonnes of CO2. The electricity used to charge the cars during the first ten months of this year can power over 125 households for a year.

Q-Park has chosen the New Motion to bring tailored charging solutions to their car parks as electric vehicle demand increases.  With over seven years’ experience of designing, installing and managing smart charge points and services as well as charge networks, The New Motion has become Europe’s largest smart charging solutions provider.

The 88 new charge points will be installed on thirteen different locations. There were no charge points yet in twelve of these locations. “With the powerful and innovative charge points of The New Motion, we can assure ease and service for our customers”, says Mark van Haasteren, general manager Q-Park Nederland. “We will also make sure that our customers can unlock a charge point remotely once their car is fully charged, so that the cable can be unlocked and another driver can start a charging session.”

“We’re excited to work with Q-Park, so that we can offer our customers a seamless end-to-end service with the best electric vehicle charging solutions out there. As electric vehicle use increases in Europe, The New Motion wants to be at the forefront of delivering convenient charging to this growing group of businesses and commuters who want to manage their travel more effectively. By creating a smarter way for optimizing charging infrastructure and delivering functionality which enables remote charge point control access, we are confident this solution helps future-proof electric drivers.” – Andre ten Bloemental, CCO, The New Motion

About Q-Park
Q-Park is one of Europe’s biggest parking service providers with strong market positions in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Q-Park is a known leader in quality in the field of parking. Her portfolio includes about 835,000 parking spots divided over 6,195 parking facilities she owns, exploits, manages or a combination of the three.

Q-Park Nederland has 262 parking, including 97 P+R areas.

About The New Motion
With over 30,000 charge points throughout the continent and 80,000 registered charge cards, The New Motion has created Europe’s largest public EV charging network.  The network uses cloud-technology to provide users with access no matter where they are via the New Motion App and web portal. The app allows private or corporate users to locate charging stations and manage all online billings and settlements. Now charge point owners can start and stop their charge sessions via their online account with help from Remote Charge Point Control. In addition, The New Motion introduces Dynamic Load Balancing, ensuring charge points are always charging at the maximum speeds without overloading the building supply or the electricity grid.

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