Production of the smart lamp post (and charging station) starts now

Production of the smart lamp post (and charging station) starts now


The first smart lamp post was placed in Rotterdam as a pilot last summer. The so-called Smart City Lightmotion does not just provide light, but is also a charging station for electric cars, features WiFi and provides camera surveillance. The New Motion has stated that the production of the smart lamp post will start now.


lightmotion_lantaarnpaalLast Monday, a cooperation agreement was signed between manufacturer Lightwell and charging solutions company The New Motion. The first lamp posts will be placed in Copenhagen, and the company claims that the cities of Beijing and Los Angeles have also expressed an interest.

The lamp post has sensors that enable it to adjust the light level to the environment; the light will dim if there is little activity on the street and will shine more brightly in the event of bad weather, for example. The purpose of the integrated camera is both to provide surveillance and to ‘designate’ empty spaces for drivers. The lamp post can also be used to charge electric cars. “Thanks to the WiFi in the post, the driver can work in the car while it is being charged. The locations of the lamp post charging stations will be included in The New Motion app in the future”, says Sytse Zuidema, CEO of The New Motion.

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