obtains Private Lease Certificate obtains Private Lease Certificate

03-02-2016 is one of the first leasing companies to comply to the conditions of a new independent certification for the private leasing industry. Consumers entering into a private lease contract with can rest assured that there won’t be any surprises down the line, allowing them to enjoy their vehicle without any worries.


Private leasing is the leasing of new (or nearly new) cars by private individuals. Its increasing popularity means a growing number of private lease providers, as well as a big difference where terms and conditions are concerned. The introduction of the Private Lease Certificate has leveled out these differences and offers customers a number of guarantees. Meaning that consumers no longer have to worry about the proverbial and often challenging small print. The certification constitutes a quality standard consisting of five assurances that can be summarized as ‘safe’, ‘responsible’ and ‘reliable’.
Private leasing makes leasing an option for private individuals. Owning a car is no longer as big an aspiration as it was a decade ago. ‘Ownership’ is shifting towards ‘use’, and, the new product that Business Lease Nederland launched in 2015, aims to capitalize on this trend. “People always want to be mobile and not have to worry about extra costs for their car. is actually a great alternative to owning your own car, for any type of driver,” says Vincent Peeters, Managing Director of Business Lease Nederland. “It’s a fantastic product for private individuals and the self-employed, and it also dovetails neatly with the trend of mobility budgets among major corporations. Interestingly enough, at, drivers are allowed to share and rent out their vehicle so as to reduce the monthly costs!”

Strict requirements
“The Private Lease certification is extremely valuable to us,” Peeters continues. “For many consumers, leasing is uncharted territory. This certification shows that the rules and terms and conditions of satisfy strict requirements. Our terms and conditions are clearly formulated and protect the consumer. If you lease from us, there won’t be any surprises down the line. We inform you about the product and the costs in a clear and honest manner beforehand.”

The Private Lease certification is an independent initiative that aims to protect the consumer. The initiative is the result of a partnership between consumer associations such as Consumentenbond. Further information on private leasing, Private Lease certification and entering into a lease agreement safely and responsibly can be found on the website of the foundation Keurmerk Private Lease ( and on our own website (

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