New strong management team for PartsPoint Group

New strong management team for PartsPoint Group


PartsPoint Group has grown strongly in recent months. Besides Brezan Automaterialen, the organisation now comprises Staadegaard, Technische Centrale, AD Nederland B.V. and USN-Centuri. This growth brought a need to strengthen the organisation. For this reason we introduced a new organisational structure in June 2016 and formed a new management team with five experienced members. This new structure enhances PartsPoint Group’s competitiveness and enables it to face the future with confidence.


Each member of the management team is responsible for a specific aspect of the PartsPoint Group. The team is led by Chief Executive Officer Cor Baltus. The remaining experienced team members are: Johan van Veldhuisen (Chief Financial Officer), Peter Meyer (Director of Central Operations), Frank Doorenbos (Director of Brezan) and Simon Staadegaard (Director of Staadegaard-TC).

CEO Cor Baltus: “I am convinced that with this experienced management team, PartsPoint Group can take on all its rivals in this competitive sector. My fellow team members have proven competence in many areas and together I know we can face the future with great confidence.”

The renewed management structure gives PartsPoint Group a stronger position, in a time when the market is looking for vision and energy. In order to stay ahead of its competitors, in 2015 PartsPoint Group invested in an expansion of its parts depots that supply all the Brezan branches and AD wholesalers. Not only has this made Brezan Automaterialen and AD Nederland B.V. more professional as organisations, but it also guarantees maximum availability of car parts for the garage business.

Photo caption:
The entire PartsPoint Group management team at the head office in Ede, now with the PartsPoint logo. From left to right: Simon Staadegaard, Johan van Veldhuisen, Frank Doorenbos, Cor Baltus and Peter Meyer.