Moove Connected Mobility launches MooveSharing: the affordable and flexible car-sharing service

Moove Connected Mobility launches MooveSharing: the affordable and flexible car-sharing service


MooveSharing is a brand-new car-sharing service. This straightforward solution allows Moove Connected Mobility, expert in the field of automotive telematics, to drastically improve the efficiency of their customers’ vehicle fleet. Car-sharing is now within reach for every organisation with MooveSharing and, what's more, it is simple to implement.

MooveSharing is an advanced app that is linked to a disarmingly simple piece of hardware. That hardware is the MooveBox, where the user securely places the keys of the shared vehicle. The user operates the MooveBox with his or her MooveSharing app. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Almost every vehicle is suitable for the MooveBox. The MooveBox does not have to be built in, so that installation costs are kept to a minimum. As soon as the fleet manager has authorised the users, the pooled car is ready to be shared among different drivers. No handing over of keys, no more hassles. Authorised staff can also easily book a car online with the handy reservation module in MooveSharing.

One common complaint is that car-sharing systems don’t work in underground or secured car parks where only a weak or no telephone signal is present. This is now in the past, because Moove has opted for Bluetooth for MooveSharing, so it will work without fail. Even if you’re parked four levels underground.

MooveSharing is available in various subscriptions, starting from just € 9.50 a month, and can be applied in different situations, for example:
– Corporate Car Sharing: automated access to the pooled cars of the company for all employees.
– Managing a rental car fleet without physically handing over keys.
– Peer2Peer Car Sharing: hirers have access to the vehicle without a physical key handover.
– Delivery of goods in the vehicle: night-time restocking of the company’s service vehicles.
– Car-sharing with family and friends, also without the need to physically hand over the keys.

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