Mitsubishi draws sales record in Czech and Slovak Republics

Mitsubishi draws sales record in Czech and Slovak Republics


2014 was a significant year for Mitsubishi. Not only did the brand celebrate milestones like its 40th anniversary and 2.6 million sold cars over the period, but sales in Europe also grew by 28 percent.


Mitsubishi even became one of the top three fastest growing brands on the European market. The brand followed a positive growth trend also in the Czech and Slovak Republics, where the sales of cars achieved a historic record with the highest numbers over the past ten years. In the Czech Republic, sales increased with 58.37 percent, the Slovak Republic showed a growth of 58.71 percent.

Martin Krob, General Manager at Mitsubishi Motors SK: ‘We are very happy that affordable and technologically advanced Mitsubishi models appeal to more and more Czech and Slovak customers. One of the pillars of Mitsubishi’s success in our region is a stable dealership network that we have managed to establish over the past ten years. Thanks to this network, we are as close to Czech and Slovak customers as possible and in addition to reliable and technologically advanced cars we are able to offer the comfort of maintenance services available easily and fast.’

Mitsubishi enters 2015 with a firm resolution and ambition to maintain the growth trend on both markets. With the full five year manufacturer’s guarantee and new model generations like pick-up L200, the brand has all the prerequisites to succeed.

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