Milestone for NewMotion: 100.000th charge card issued

Milestone for NewMotion: 100.000th charge card issued


NewMotion - one of Europe’s biggest providers of smart and safe charging solutions for electric driving – recently issued its 100.000th charge card. The card can be used to charge electric vehicles throughout NewMotion’s public charging network, which has over 50.000 charge points in 25 countries.

NewMotion CEO Sytse Zuidema: “The issuing of our 100,000th loading card clearly shows the enormous popularity of electric driving. Since the founding of NewMotion, our community has grown faster every year. For the second half of 2017 we also expect more people to switch to an electric car. In general, the transition to driving green and affordable cannot be stopped.”

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AutoBinck, based in The Hague, is one of the major players in the European mobility market. The concern currently operates in eight European countries. The group has approximately 50 subsidiaries, spread over four divisions: Car Distribution & Retail, Leasing & Finance, Parts & Accessories, and Smart Mobility.

AutoBinck invests in new forms of mobility that all form part of the Smart Mobility division. AutoBinck has 2,700 employees and an annual turnover of approximately EUR 1 billion.