Brezan Automaterialen

Brezan Automaterialen

Brezan Automaterialen is a chain of car materials suppliers and wholesalers. The company is owned by PartsPoint and has 128 outlets (114 in the Netherlands and 14 in Belgium) ex USN, in addition to its head office in Ede. The majority of these outlets are owned by Brezan and a small number by franchisees.

Brezan employs a good-better-best strategy in order to offer customers a wide selection of parts and accessories – from own brands to A-brands. As part of her service, customers can also make use of a database of technical information on car repair and maintenance, the PartsCAT ordering programme, environmental advice, as well as Brezan’s helpdesk and marketing services. In 2015, Brezan launched the Kentekenloket website.

Brezan’s customers include non brand-specific car companies, fast fitters and brand dealers. In addition, Brezan also provides corporate solutions for car importers and their dealer networks, car body repair chains and fast fitters.



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