One in four traffic accidents is caused by distraction while driving. Six thousand people are killed on the roads in Europe every year, and the cost to society resulting from smartphone use while driving is increasing. The smart technology of the Dutch company SafeDrivePod prevents distraction to drivers caused by phones.

Founded in 2016, SafeDrivePod is a leading global player in preventing smartphone distraction, with users in over 20 countries. The company works with international insurance and leasing companies to reduce the number of claims and insurance premiums, and with fleet owners investing in the safety of their employees. SafeDrivePod is working with an international partner on the integration of SafeDrivePod technology with smartphone-based telematics.

The company has won several international awards for its products, including the Fleet Europe Award in 2016 and the Brake Fleet Safety Product Award in 2018. More than 100,000 SafeDrivePods have been sold to date.

In addition to solutions to minimise distraction while driving, SafeDrivePod launched its Corona tracer after the outbreak of the corona pandemic. One of the existing products has been adapted and converted into a measuring instrument that traces all contacts of employees who have been within 1.5 meters of an employee with a tracer. It does so without the need for GPS or a smartphone and with maximum privacy. There is great interest in this technological solution worldwide. As a result, SafeDrivePod not only offers safety in traffic but also in the workplace.

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