Lease & Finance

Lease & Finance

This division, trading as Business Lease Group, is an internationally operating ‘car mobility’ provider offering the full spectrum of car lease options, fleet management, car rental & car mobility services in both the business-to-business and the consumer markets. The division also provides financing solutions for car importers and dealers.

Business Lease distinguishes itself by the quality and care it provides to its customers and drivers. Indeed, year after year the company is able to translate its motto ‘same cars, better care’ into high customer and driver satisfaction scores.

Business Lease has offices in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland.

Leasing & Financing

The Business Lease Group provides cost-effective and environmentally friendly leasing and fleet management solutions to customers in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland. Responding to the mobility demand of companies and their employees by unburdening fleet managers and drivers. An approach reflected in the slogan: ‘same cars, better care’.

Solutions for importers and dealers

Business Financial Services, which is part of Business Lease Group, provides tailored financial services for importers and dealers. These services include brand name lease products, stock financing and management for importers and dealer networks and finance products for car buyers.

Business Financial Services arranges Captive leasing for various Dutch importers.
Dealers can also offer leases under their own brand name or through the Expert Lease label.