Bynco winner in the annual SpinAwards

Bynco winner in the annual SpinAwards


Bynco has won a silver SpinAward – one of the biggest creative prizes in the Netherlands for digital media – in the ‘e-commerce’ category. The SpinAwards are designed to stimulate creativity and effectiveness in digital media and have been awarded since 1998.

These awards are an initiative of the independent foundation, SpinAwards. Bynco won the silver SpinAward in the ‘e-commerce’ category. Winners in this category are digital store concepts that excel with their innovative creative approach. ‘We received the silver SpinAward partly thanks to the completely new shopping experience Bynco offers its customers,’ says Jeroen Veldman, Director of Bynco. ‘Who could have imagined three years ago that consumers would buy a car online and pay for it with iDEAL?’

Disrupters among the giants
Bynco won the prize together with Dearnova, the agency responsible for the technical development of the marketing concept. ‘It was a fantastic evening, and it was great to be standing like disrupters in the car market among giants such as Heineken, Vodafone and KLM, who normally win such awards,’ says Veldman.

100% more visitors each month
Bynco has been around for over a year now, and has developed remarkably, according to Veldman. ‘Each month we receive 100% more visitors to our website and are aiming to sell four times as many cars in 2018 as last year. Increasing our brand awareness is high on the agenda for 2018. We’ve just finished our first radio campaign. Consumers need to become more aware of the fact that nowadays you can buy a second-hand car online without having to go to a car dealer,’ says Veldman.

New channels
‘In addition to our brand awareness, our focus is also on further increasing our range of products and services,’ Veldman continues. ‘Unlike last year, we’re no longer focusing solely on our own cars. More and more visitors are interested in our concept, which is why we are now also looking at other channels, such as fleet owners and lease companies. Bynco can remarket their cars for them and sell them directly to private individuals. A win-win situation for both parties.’

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