Business Lease Nederland voted best Dutch leasing company

Business Lease Nederland voted best Dutch leasing company


During the election of the Leasing Company of the Year, Business Lease Nederland was voted best leasing company for 2014-2015. More than 6,300 lease drivers reviewed the companies; Business Lease was given an average score of 8.3.


Robbert van Muyden, Business Lease’s director of International Sales, Marketing and Operations, said: “It’s wonderful to be rewarded for the second time in this way by our drivers. We are very proud of this award, which reflects our vision: it’s not the vehicles that form the focal point in our organisation, but the care, the attention and the service in the field of mobility that we offer our drivers. This title proves that our company is appreciated for these reasons.”

The survey for the best leasing company of the year is held among 16,500 members of the Company Car Association, which represents company-car drivers. The annual survey focuses on four subtopics: communication and supply of information, contractual aspects, financial and administrative aspects, and maintenance, support and completion in the event of damage and breakdown.