Business Lease Group wins Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award

Business Lease Group wins Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award


Frost & Sullivan has presented this year's European New Product Innovation Award to Business Lease Group. The lease company received the industry award for developing innovative products and services that the lease world hasn't seen before.

Frost & Sullivan is an independent market research firm from San Antonio, Texas, that conducted research into the most important car lease companies. Stijn Otten from Business Lease Group accepted the award in London: “This award proves to us that we are on the right path to achieving our ambitions. In 2018, we want to be the most innovative car lease company in Europe. We are devoted to our company philosophy: ‘Better Care’. This means that we adapt all of our products and services to the clients’ wishes. For example, by contributing ideas about how a car can be used as effectively as possible. Our company culture allows us to go further in things like this than any other lease company.”

‘Products and service geared to market challenges’
According to Frost & Sullivan, Business Lease deserves this award because it scores better in five criteria compared to other lease companies. These criteria are:

  • The product or service contains an innovative element
  • Increase in ROI at customer level
  • Winning new customers, or potential for market penetration
  • Promoting electric vehicles
  • Customer-oriented

In the report, Frost & Sullivan stated: “The analysis clearly shows that Business Lease has identified key market challenges and geared their products and service towards these challenges. This allows them to adopt a superior approach when analysing and interpreting customers’ needs, which they then use to convert new business opportunities into value for customers.”

Car lease company wants less cars on the road
Business Lease has products and services that help customers reduce operational costs, ensure service without fuss, reduce fleets and the accompanying costs, increase the mobility per car and generate fleet income. In this way, Business Lease not only helps to cut costs but also supports the environment and the sustainability of society.

Stijn Otten from Business Lease: “It seems paradoxical – a car lease company that wants to reduce the number of cars on the road. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Business Lease’ income per customer will perhaps be lower but this will eventually lead to more new customers that we can help in different ways. One of our ambitions is to add more electric cars to the fleet. Currently we have the highest number of electric cars in our fleet and are working hard together with our partners to promote electric driving even more.”

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