Brezan acquires The Hague-based wholesaler

Brezan acquires The Hague-based wholesaler


Brezan Automaterialen has acquired car part wholesaler G.z.G., based in The Hague. The existing branch of Brezan in The Hague will be integrated into the G.z.G. location.


The acquisition of G.z.G. sees Brezan take the next step towards strengthening its position in the Dutch wholesale industry. In the past 18 months, the company has acquired several dozen wholesale branches. Some of these acquisitions were of companies that, at the time, were Brezan franchisees; others concerned companies that became new additions to the Brezan network. PartsPoint Group, the parent company of Brezan, also acquired wholesale conglomerates Staadegaard Automotive and Technische Centrale, alongside the controlling interest in wholesale organisation AD Nederland B.V.. These developments allow the subsidiaries of PartsPoint to reap the benefits of scale, such as in the areas of purchasing and logistics, as CEO Cor Baltus explains: “It allows us to supply parts to the automobile industry quickly, efficiently and under terms that are favourable for our customers.”

Customer contact
Founded in 1988, G.z.G. is a major name on the automobile scene in The Hague. The company was owned by two associates, Huib Goos and Jos Gregorowitsch. After a lifetime in the industry, the time has come for the pair to take things a little slower – the reason behind their search for a candidate to acquire the company. In Brezan, they found a buyer that will safeguard the continuity of their enterprise. Huib Goos: “This acquisition ensures that high-quality service will continue to be offered to our customers – some of whom we have known for decades.” Goos and Gregorowitsch won’t actually completely stop working for ‘their’ firm – they’ll fulfil roles maintaining customer contact.

Brezan already has a branch in The Hague, located on Binckhorstlaan, just under three kilometres from G.z.G. However, a major road construction project means that this branch will be poorly accessible for an extended period of time. As such, a new location was being sought for Brezan Den Haag; a search that has now been called off. Brezan Den Haag will close its doors at Binckhorstlaan and continue its activities from the G.z.G. building located on 1e van der Kunststraat 288. All employees will be moved to the new location and all current G.z.G. staff will keep their jobs.

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